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It's a choice.
If it had been released in the same way that the Uncharted Legacy was, I'd be there.
But I'm not.
Do I think it will sell well? No...don't think so personally...

Do I mind it coming out - not at all. People who haven't had the game previously, get to try it at its "best". And I may take a look in a few years time if it's reduced to what I consider to be a better price point.

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There have been issues but controllers aren't one of them...

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So - no PS6 equivalent predicted; given that the PS5 has around 5 more years in its lifetime and the PS6 will likely take the brand into 10 from now?
Hard to believe...certainly not my prediction..! 🙃

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Courtesy of TrueViper ^^^^^^^^:

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It's a fantastic game BUT I hope the next one innovates further. In some way..?

It's graphically sublime but somehow (IMO) plays in a very similar way to FH4; new setting, similar feel.
Don't get me wrong...I'm enjoying the gathering of points, cars and trophies. And new vistas. But feel the next one has to progress.
Can't put my finger on what I'd do at the moment. Few ideas but hope that someone cleverer than me makes a few tweaks...

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I'm amazed that they didn't release "islands" as DLC to GTA V. Like you say, they could've added a few "Caribbean" islands under fake names, new local missions (and a few to fly back for) and charged £20-30 to all the GTA V owners. It's a lot of work BUT the engines already there and...there's a lot of game owners to sell it to too!
Wouldn't surprise me if that's the model for GTA VI (SP and maybe even MP)...

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And the Paperclip.
Don't forget the Paperclip. 🙃

Options are good. But I'll never use it...

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My MW is on an external.
I thought it was BOCW updates that were removing MW files. But friends don't have BOCW and they've lost them too. Don't known if it's Warzone updates that are in common? Either way, it's crp and persuaded me to give this a miss for the foreseeable future...

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I'm not optimistic about a game that updates everytime I open it (and then restarts) - and then randomly (three times now) uninstalls ALL of the packs required for a different game in its eco-structure. Uninstalled Black Ops Cold War because it uninstalls Modern Warfare data that I tend to play with other people. And they've had the same issue as me, at different times. If Vanguard is part of that same structure which occupies well over a third of a PS5 hard drive...its a no from me.....

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I will be keeping an eye on it...cheers... 🙃
Playing FN on xbox weekly still; just need a change!

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Fight Night.

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I think it's in reference to the down votes for the original statement..! 🙃

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Storage. Yes.

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So a year old game that was released as a PS4 game that you (probably, if you liked it) completed on a PS4 a year ago (before the PS5 was even released) is now getting a Directors Cut. Every Directors Cut has been paid for by early adoptors, because most of them release 1-2 years after the original. Check out Borderlands 3. If you bought the original and the DC add on, you'd pay more than the GOTY edition which includes the Directors Cut.
Forza 7 Ultimate is so much cheaper than ...

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Day one...if I could beat scalpers... 😔

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Cheers..didn't know he was involved in DL2...

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Is it David Belle involved in this game, then?
Rubbish story in D13 BUT amazing action throughout!

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Starved...of games? 🤔

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There's quantity for both.
Quality is as important - and that comes from exclusives AND multiplats on PS5.
My X is playing old games on Gamepass or a few new multiplats where I'm not sharing online with friends. Otherwise, the PS5 is on most of the time.
Horses for courses- but there is NO way that I would recommend the X over the PS5 at the moment. I'll revisit that in 12-18 months time. It MAY change, but I'm not convinced by recent communications ...

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