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Neil is a solid writer - yes your mind clearly doesn't operate in the realm of reality.

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We still talking about this overrated game? When will you all stop pretending to like this game just to put up the facade of being a "real gamer"?

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It's actually quite scary that you Midfield fangirls live in a world of delusion, where bad scores are only because of "hAtErS" or "cLiCkbAiT".

Lord only knows how else your guys' warped minds work.

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My thoughts exactly when I see a bought and paid for 10/10 review.

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No need to pretend to enjoy the game to try and convince us.

Or are you trying to convince yourself... hmmm.

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I think we know who's really on copium right now. Don't be silly.

Take your L and go sit in a corner.

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I'd like to see Armored Core 6 in GOTY consideration as well. Perfect package of a game. No DLC, Battlepasses, no BS.

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Did you watch Luke Stephens' review?

I guess you didn't. You'll just cherry pick the reviews that make you feel better.

Game is the standard Bethesda fair. Nothing spectacular. No real space exploration. Recycled layouts used on different planets, same enemy placement, same object placement, loading screens, menus on top of menus.

Yes. "Neutralgamer"... enjoy the selective reviews that tell you what you want to hea...

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Gotta love how you pick this futile argument to justify a digital only release from a AAA company.

There is no justification for this. But I can tell your the gamer that redraws the line every time it's crossed by these companies and their predatory practices.

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Overrated game. Can we stop pretending that these types of games are fun?

I get that people want to pretend and like this game under the pretense that it makes them a "real gamer"... but come on.

Admit that it's not a cool game. It's not.

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7 studios for a $70 piece of mid, uninspired DLC? But, but, but, I thought MW2 was supposed to be a 2 year game though?

Laughable. Caca of Poopy is in the gutter. I'll keep my Rainbow Six and Counter Strike, thank you very much.

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What is the big deal with this game? Is it even fun? I think people pretend to actually love and enjoy games like these because it gives the image of being a "gamer".

And what's with the cringeworthy focus on the weird sexuality aspects in this game? It's overblown, is it really necessary? Do they think they're bold and edgy for the unnecessary and questionable things they've found a way to shoehorn into the game?

I think one wor...

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There has been nothing good to come to The Last of Us franchise since the OG, the real, the one and only original The Last of Us.

Everything since then, The Ma'ams of Us Part Poo, that god-awful television show - this "franchise" has been nothing but a downward spiral since The Last of Us.

The Last of Us was perfect. The pinnacle, the peak. It should have been left ALONE. Now Naughty Dogshit and something that should've been left as a on...

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