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Douchebag seems appropriate but not quite right... Maybe if you added trolling idiot then it'd more accurately describe you... It's moronic sheep like you that can't set their childish feelings aside and accept what negative things that were/are said about Destiny are true... Seeing how you wanted to hand out food for thought... Here's a portion... Reviews aren't why people don't like the game... And as far as your 12 million sheep that sign on daily or whatever... The...

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I think you misinterpreted what I was getting at... I wasn't blaming Sony at all and nowhere did I type that... I'm saying Vegeta thinking people like me are over entitled brats for wanting minor compensation... Speaking like that makes him look like an ass... I feel no one is worn for wanting exactly what they gave us... Extended plus which is exactly what was lost... Remember I payed for 1 year of service not less... So how am I exactly overly self entitled??? That makes no sense.....

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How about this... Most COD players are garbage, as they look for any little exploit they can... And what's worse is you get jet packs in AW and yet pussies still camp... And to be fair this is happening in almost any online game but COD is the ground floor when it comes to this behavior

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We have too many users signing in at once because people bought sooo many ps4s... Is what I was told buy a Sony rep lmfao!!! If that's the case why is your company charging people to play online if your service can't handle the amount of users it generates? If it's because you were attacked again why are you allowing your reps to say other wise? I'm just rambling I dunno, I'm bored and psn is really on my last nerve. .. Fun how I can't play any single player digital ga...

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Fork over that nut bro lol

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Words exactly outta my mouth bud, but after playing DAI, I'd add it along with the exact games you've listed... OT TLOU definitely deserved GOTY last year and btw beating out a GTA game especially with GTA 5's improvements over 4 was no small feat... And personally Lou's was on par with a MGS game which also was a feat itself

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Agreed I was thinking holiday 2015 maybe even pushed to beginning of 2016 but I mean that's awesome at the same time.... I am relieved that Witcher 3 and Batman are delayed ( if this rumor is true ) because of those 2 games and Bloodborne were my first top picks for the beginning of the year and I'd definitely have to go without one of them seeing how MGS is my absolute favorite franchise and it definitely would've bumped one of the 3 titles off my day 1 list.... I mean seriously ...

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Why isnt there an a hole bubble down option?

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I don't know why people a b!tching about this game... I mean it was just a few years ago people were playing State of Emergency... I've killed sooooo many people.

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Man sometimes it's bitter sweet to be right.... It's bitter because I had high hopes for Destiny, everything before launch was a good indication, that Destiny was going to be amazing but... It turns out it was a game made with poor decisions and an extreme lack of content. The sweet part, watching half these N4G morons that deBubbled me due to pointing out the obvious, now sit here saying the exact same SH!t I was saying !!! Hypocrites at their finest

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Just because morons like you keep making this game out to be so great when it's not, half of the bs this game pulled would have flopped almost any other game and you guys would've been on the same ship as us... But no fanboys like you can't even admit that while it may be fun ( for the small amount of time/content there is), that it has huge dumb flaws that are ass backwards from common sense and under the bar that's set for most games. This game has sold entirely on overhype ...

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Well said bubble up kid

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Not to be a prick but button mashing only gets you through if you're playing on easy or maybe normal... But on hard or higher you'll end up flat on their face... FYI a GOW and its genre are not called button mashers, it's called hack n slash... Sorry that's just a pet peeve... OT, it's fine to not enjoy a game that others do... Surprised that there's an opinion piece that isn't bashing just an explanation on that displays his pov. But seriously GOW is my fave franc...

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I don't care as long as it's a sequel and that they KEEP Kratos!!! Damn it seems most people commenting haven't even played GOW3... I mean how hard is it to continue the story from where they left off?! He kills himself (supposedly), and in the rocks where he was standing was cracks that formed a Phoenix hinting at resurrection.... Athena also stated that she's moved on to be a higher power... Also he hasn't killed every God in Greek mythology,...

And TBH, I...

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Be like me and use your hatered of Zues Spartan! Lol

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There's always some people that just hate to hate, but some of it was rightfully deserved because what they exhibited in the first place was a linear game that looked great but felt stiff and had weak ai... ( even though that was old, people still have to base their experience something at that point in time ). This demo looked faster and better but the AI still worries me and I hope that he was playing on easy as well. If this game isn't challenging and doesn't feature anything b...

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There's still more Gods btw just to disprove your theory, but that's not me saying that's the direction I want the sequel to go

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Stfu kid you're making yourself look stupid as hell

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Well said

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