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Not good... AWESOME! MS listened and now everything is good in the world of gaming, how it should have been from the start :D

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Really greats news and really smart move, in Nov when the console launch, people will forget about the whole issue and all DRM-problem will be forgotten!


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I know everyone is happy and all pro Sony now, but what IF the mass or casuals, you name it, embrace the Xbox One? what's going to happen? I'll just stay quiet, I don't want to eat crow if something like XO dominance actually happens...

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Not interested IF it's just a TPS, need more than just shooters...

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I don't think is true, isn't GDDR5 really expensive?

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Same as PS3, what was that Capcom game that needed to be online all time to be played? don't like this at all, if MS forces DRM and the console is popular, other type of DRM will be implemented on the PS4

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One less exclusive franchise, it's ok though, more people can play it, can't wait for the news about FFXV going multi as well...

After years waiting for Versus, and it just another multiplat game, seems so pointless to buy a console based on announcements now...

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Online is behind a paywall now, so XBL users are not the only "dumbs that pay for something that should be free" anymore it seems...

Saying this because I was one of those who was always complaining about that, but it must be a reason to do it, right?

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Really guys? you really think they'll change the plans just because of some guys on twitter?

What IF they do and XO with all DRM and online check every once in a while STILL is more succesful and sell more than the PS4? they're going to backpedal and alow it or simply lose all third party software?

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After all these days with people hating and spreading FUD, nothing can't stop THE ONE!

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it only took 8 years! VGchartz doesn't become reliable when it favor the brand you support

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No, they enter the console race to own the living room and they're about to achieve that goal


WTF are you talking about? going by that:

Yeah like how Nintendo followed Sony into the gaming industry. /s

Just because Sony entered the gaming industry before MS, doesn't mean they were the first, also MS was doing gaming long ago on PC...

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They're always trying to catch up to Xbox, so IF XO has DRM, PS4 will have it too

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Nobody knows who these guys are, make a 20m sales games first and then mock others...

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PS4: 1.84 tf

XO: 1.2*3 = 3.6tf


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PS4 = just games, some social features, online, kind of the same as 7th Gen

XO = games + social features + online + tv + dvr + OS + apps + cloud + more

PS4 = PlayStation Gamers

XO = broad appeal: Gamers + COD players + NFL fans + TV users + Social junkies and more people...

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The Damned triggers on the new Xbox Controller = godly!

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Internet Polls? are you kidding me!? no one take that seriously, half of that % probably are fanboys from other console brands, useless...

Internet Poll =/= Reality

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