DC Universe - you've ruined my social life


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You're kidding me... I'm watching Season 7 of 24 right now...

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You had me at "Beyone..."

Anyways,can't wait for the game, and I hope that as our generation continues to age, Ellen here won't be the only one willing to lend his/her talents to alternate media.

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DCU:O does go offline daily, at 7AM EST. Only lasts about 15 minutes or so.

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It goes off line every single day for maintenance...stupid title.

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Kinda reminds me of the tone/humor of God Hand. Anyone else remember that gem?

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I never thought of PS+ as "Playstation Store +," but rather, "Playstation +;" no real need to change...

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This is my first Elder Scrolls game, but the combat feels fine enough for me, an action/adventure enthusiast. There are often times where you're in tight corridors, which can make magic a bit cumbersome, as you might easily hurt your companion or heal an enemy player with the awkward targeting - I really wish there were a way to just turn off/on friendly fire a la Fable, so that I don't have to worry about such things. You also wouldn't think that changing what spell you're ...

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Speaking of cost of gaming, I'm surprised there hasn't been too much of a ruckus about the inevitable Next-Gen price increase from the consumer's standpoint. Are we going to start hitting $70-$80 for standard games (with DLC on top of that?)

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Considering update 6 was fairly massive and has only been out a week, I guess this is ok.

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"Ps3 bug is only if you have a large save file hours into the game..."

What, so people should by the game anyways, because the bugs aren't relevant until they're almost done? What kind of silly logic is that?

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I think it's more to do with Sony and Nintendo actually being recognized as prominent software developers, as well as console makers. You say Sony or Nintendo, and you think of a library of created games, as well as he box on which they're played. Microsoft's not at that level yet (they have in-house development, sure, but not on the level of their competition).

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in all fairness, that queue moves fairly quickly. 800 people across the entire country are ahead of you - it's maybe a five minute wait, tops. Plus, paid players get in without queueing

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I rarely turn mine on unless I'm doing something in-league in DC Universe. We have a ton of fun and are usually laughing the entire time, but if I'm playing with randoms, there's not any real need to talk to anyone - I have a role to fill, and don't really need them to speak for me to do it. I'm usually in league chat rather than instance, if my mic is on. I just find typing to be more comfortable when dealing with random people.

In raids, even if I don&...

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Mart - haven't heard that name in ages. And there was one other; don't remember his name, but he always had a Kobe Bryant avatar...

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I'll admit it took me a while to get the hang of things, because I was under the impression I could control tone, and obviously you couldn't. Doubt, in my eyes, doesn't involve raging and antagonizing, but I had to get used to that being the case in the game. Guess I'm more "good cop."

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True fluffy, but the least they can do is try, right? It's no different than watching mature videos on the net - people may lie, but they're at least making some effort to prevent it. In the case of accessing online media, it's undoubtedly more a liability thing, which makes this Korean black out even the more impressive since there is no positive Sony can gain out of doing this.

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I welcome our Jewish gaming brethren with open arms

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A Cracked article on N4G? My two homepages converge! Next stop - singularity.

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I see no lack of logic in choosing to start playing a game right away, rather than taking time to download what one may perceive to be a side mission or something. I did the very same thing with L.A. Noire and Red Dead Redemption - there were downloads I was entitled to that I really didn't feel the need to wait around for on my first time playing. I instead queued them up after finishing my session and let them DL that way.

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I've never played an electric before, so I may spring for that $200 bundle, depending on how deep the music library for the actual game is. Anything that helps me become a better player, and in a fun way, is definitely on my watch-list.

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