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Totally. Personally I don’t like the characters or writing, the hordes were cool but everything else had been done before…and better. I would rank it average at best and he’s acting like he got screwed over… and he does this every 6 months or so for the last 5 years.

There are so many games that are way better than Days Gone that completely flopped due to a hundred different reasons. S*** happens and it sucks and a lot of people worked really hard on it I’m sure, that do...

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Is this guy ever going to shut up and move on with his life? Days Gone did fairly well, got decent reviews, but frankly doesn’t even crack the top 20 best PlayStation exclusives. They don’t owe you another 250 million to make a sequel dude.

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I am all over this and I am 41 years old… My kids are too lol.

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My buddy bought early access and said it’s very good, with a lot of potential but room for improvement… basically what a lot of early previews have said.
I am really excited for this, and am excited for PS5 release but this is encouraging to hear. Kind of like BG3… 2 years ago it was nowhere near as good as it ended up being. It’s awesome when developers are listening to feedback from the community and basically play testing the shit out of this until it’s as good as it can get… and ...

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You entitled little s***s, you also are part of why we can’t have nice things. This game was a surprise smash success for the last 2 months that launched at $40. They have had a steady drip feed of solid content updates and have listened to their community every week. And you little f***ers have the audacity to call a free update that didn’t meet your ridiculous expectations “lazy”. And you will probably continue to get updates every single week for the foreseeable future.

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More? Like every other game in the last
5 years has “Souls” elements or difficulty. I think we need to pump the brakes a bit Jesus they don’t all the the “grind or die”/“get good” mentality.

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What a funny article, this folks is how you get a lot of clicks and it isn’t hard to do.
He is treating his opinion as fact, and he is treating the community’s opinion as “rose tinted glasses”. The only people Bloodborne is “old” to are teenagers or younger who (no offense intended) don’t have a very good concept of time (and how could you? You have a very limited number of years to draw from and we were all there once). It came out like 2 years after the PS4 launched and he’s treat...

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I mean I hear what you’re saying, he did just round up by 2 million, but that doesn’t mean he’s lying either, maybe just updating the official number. The Switch still has 15 million to go to beat the Nintendo DS and another 5 million (approx) to beat the PS2… and it’s in its 7th year now. Also, if it does end up surpassing the PS2 will it hold that record for another 20 years like PS2 did?
A massive success for any of the big 3 is good for everyone, it drives the competition and sh...

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This is absolutely 100%
Thanks for sharing, it’s early morning and I clicked on the article and I see 3/3 comments excusing this away and just being plain old fashioned A holes about it and it ticked me off. I digress.

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The f*** is the matter with the comments on here? What the f*** is the matter with you people?
Stop excusing everything away because “capitalism”. It’s the same bs when you people say “it’s just business it’s not personal”.

Like, somehow saying this quote excuses every bad behavior in the world when at its core this phrase is just your excuse for being a big piece of s*** because “money” is your God. I am so sick of listening to you a**holes come on comment sectio...

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Half a billion dollar game from record breaking crowd funding over the last 10+ years with no release date in sight… Fire the people making it happen.
F*** late stage capitalism.

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Phil is a likeable used car sales man. Maybe he means well maybe he doesn’t but if there is one thing over the past 3 years listening to him has taught me… don’t believe most of what he says. He flips on what he’s quoted as saying often, but because he words it in such a way it keeps him from getting the brunt of the backlash. He is good at PR. Way more than 4 Xbox exclusives are going multiplat, but he’s just choosing not to upset his fanbase too much. For now. And when that happens I’m sure...

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Misleading title. Not surprising anymore.

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This doesn’t surprise me (based on Ubisofts recent claims about NOT owning). But it IS frustrating because I bought it and it is FANTASTIC, I am having trouble putting it down. It’s one of the best Metroidvania’s I have played in years.
Unfortunately, with low sales it means the corporate execs are less likely to invest in games like this and will push GaaS more because they don’t understand their audience at all.
Hopefully it spreads by word of mouth and eventually becomes ...

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No but seriously, is there even a “semi” complete/release window they are shooting for? I’m curious because I haven’t heard one yet…

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You know what’s funny about this comment thread or ones like it? The people that defend corporate decisions like this are the very same people who defend the billionaire class because they’re the “job creators”.

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Dude the only people that like how big business works or benefits from it is BIG BUSINESS. As in, NOT YOU. That’s kind of the point…
What a crock. What you said is complete bs.
You are either a fanboy child, an idiot or both. Yes, it really is that obvious.
Also, everyone refer to what @Rockstar said above my comment.

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Said the guy who just got a big check from WB.

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I apologize if I’m misunderstanding your point, but if it was an inflation issue they wouldn’t be posting profits across the board, they would be breaking even.
So yes, adjusted for inflation because the excuse corporate America has been using as “inflation” is really just price gouging and good old fashioned corporate greed. Infinite and exponential growth is not a real thing, it is not sustainable and never has been, which is why we’ve seen the middle class all but disappear in th...

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It means every subscription service(and there are too many to count now) is upping their prices and dropping content to keep making record profits. It means there will be a breaking point eventually. It means companies aren’t ever going to understand this because the only thing that matters in late stage capitalism is next quarters profits.
I mean a f****ing asteroid the size of Earth could be heading our way in the next 6 months and they would STILL only care about quarterly profits...

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