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this will be amazing, cant wait either!

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well, since i have to look at the screen the ENTIRE time i play Dragon Age, and i've only noticed one time it POSSIBLY dropped some frames (i think, it was only for a split second), i'll take HQ tessellation and 1080p all day long... frame rate drops are occasional, rez and tesselation are FOREVER LOL!

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umm, has anybody else noticed on the ps4, that digitally downloading the game and physically buying the game take up the same amount of HDD space? TLoU (on disc) is taking up around 44gb of my HDD, while CoD AW (downloaded) is taking up around 40gb also... AC Black Flag (disc) is also around 40gb, with a disc, and NFS rivals (disc) was over 30gb if my memory holds (not home right now!)... Samurai Warriors 4 (digital DL) was only 20gb!

ALL my disc based games are taking up MA...

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this is what me and a buddie are doing on ps4 right now... got CoD AW, and soon to be Bloodbourne for basically $30 each! that is definetly the way to go!

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destiny's got legs man, once all the idiots on sites like this one shut up, the only people left are the ones actually playing it!

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here sega, ill help you out...

1. take all your assets from sonic 3
2. make a new game with them
3. call it sonic 5
4. let the 10/10's roll in!


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you can complain all you want about whatever game you want, but there is one simple thing you can do to stop ALL these shady practices


seriously, if you didn't pre order this game, and waited for the reviews to post, without even looking at the number at the end, you could see if there are things about the game that are deal breakers to you... not saying our review system is any good either, but buying a product sight-unsee...

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take that solid reasoning outta here! the internet isn't the place for well thought out arguments!


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yea i wish this game got more attention stateside! great game! personal favs? nagamasa azai and magoichi siaka... but i havent got to play alot of them yet, so many characters!

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LOL i don't think ive ever changed my opinion based on what some internet idiot said. friends, family, co-workers, now thats a different story. but internet idiots? nope!

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even with CoD out, my friends list is STILL full of people playing destiny... i like bouncing back and forth between the two, but even when dragon age and guilty gear come out, ill probably still spend quite a bit of time on destiny. same with all my friends.

there are, of course, quite a few people frequenting this site that seem utterly dissappointed in it, (and their reasons are quite valid, mind you), but they seem to forget that they are the extreme minority. 99% of game...

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first console i could afford at launch... havent regretted it for one minute! anybody tried the share play yet? it works flawlessly! that, and the share button overall, are my favorite things about the ps4 right now, its all just integrated so well and works so smoothly, it really FEELS next-gen to me!

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YES! these and bloodbourne!

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its not so much the arguments, but the score he attributes the game with... i can agree with the points, but weigh them differently and give the game a different score. for example, people ragged on destinys lack of story, but i NEVER play a shooter for a story, just for some satisfying action. therefore, some sites that gave destiny a 6 i disagreed with. i agreed with the argument, but thought the game was still an 8.5...

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no, the fast food company tricked you! its all their fault!

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also, with PS4's share play, you can play split screen with someone who is at their house, even if they don't own the game. was doing that this weekend! it works great!

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yea, all the people on here saying this would be the year CoD fell on its face... LOL!

that being said, i think this is the first one that actually deserves good sales in a long time... they really took a risk and changed it up. isn't that what we want?

also, x1 is just gonna have to get used to being in second place. MS is already skewing their PR to not mention sales, their fan base is just gonna have to adjust now.

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to anybody interested in jumping into a warriors game for the first time, this is a really good entry! ive been playing it since launch with my wife, and having a blast!

great game, deserves the praise its getting (not enough of it though!)

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one of my buddies has the DOT for thorn... it destroys all in the crucible! ive seen him 2 shot alot of people and leave them for dead lol! PvE thorn sucks though, only good for keeping sheilds disabled. but dont underestimate thorn in the crucible! 6 bullets is plenty for crucible, not so much for some of the mobs in the single player though.

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