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I cancelled ps plus the second I heard about the price increase. I don't own an Xbox but I'm certainly not buying one now.

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There is a character but he never leaves the ship. The first game is free on ps plus extra. But it's wildly different than the sequel. The first one is a rogue like. The sequel is an rpg.

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I've been waiting on this for so long.

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I've been shunning it out of spite since mw2

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The "journalists" that write these "elden ring needs to be easier" "stories" are only doing it for clicks.

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Y'all keep asking this question. Sony knows they're leading the industry. They talk when they wanna talk. Does it suck? Yes. Do they have some bangers waiting to show? You already know they do.

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I didn't find Forspoken dialogue to be as cringe as reviews said. I mean that one "with my freaking mind" line was cringe but tbh you'd probably react the same way in that situation.

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Man that AI needs work. Graphics look improved, the guns look like they actually have impact now, and I'm glad it's third person. But the AI.

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Same. People are saying it was really fun but the bad netcode killed it. Arx system works uses rollback netcode now so the sequel should be alot better.

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Ravenclaw! Caw Caw mtfkrs!!!

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I been saying this for a minute.

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I remember that movie! Lol it is sorta like that.

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Wow. That's brutal lol.

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Not gonna lie. I forgot this was a thing.

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You know you don't have to say "Sony Playstation". Just say Sony or Playstation. Sorry that just irks me.

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Man I hate to disparage indie devs but I am so tired of pixel art graphics.

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No. He is the Ghost of Tsushima. Can't have a sequel without the title character lol. But seriously, I don't think Jin's story is done.

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Yes. Tired of all these evil/ edgy Superman stories. Superman fans want a real Superman.

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How sway?

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Game has had a very troubled development. They should've never let Platinum games touch it. It's a shame what a once lauded studio like Platinum has become.

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