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Let me take a guess, they are triggered by the outfits?

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My Dude Henry is back!

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GTA hasn’t been good since San Andreas

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Yeah, but the CEOs need another lake house. Think about the CEOs!!!!!

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Demo was great. I immediately preordered digital deluxe and a physical copy. Cant wait!

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Yep. MTs are in a ton of games now, but these delicate flowers pick and choose which game to pile on.

Every game release now comes with a ton of baggage and you get people piling on that have never even played the game and don’t even plan on playing.

People are so miserable and delicate now that they have to try to make others miserable that simply want to enjoy DD2. Same with Hogwarts and this will continue cause gaming is becoming a cess pool with...

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Oddly enough, I call DD2 game of the year!!

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You haven’t even played it. Man up

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There is a 2 week delay on physical from Amazon

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Ooof. Ubisoft taking Ls all the time. This game looks generic as hell. Looks AI generated

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Looks like a generic AI created video game

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This. If they are taking your money it’s fair game. There better be enough of a polished game to keep players engaged

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Loving this game. Cant wait to see how they continue to support it beyond the road map they already released. Hoping for a bit more content after May and based on the player count I think they may deliver

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Day one

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Where did they get this 95% number at?

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Fantastic game!

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