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Dont have an issue with it, do what ya gotta do kaz to keep the game fair and clean of cheaters.

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GT7? 😭

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This guy makes mistakes all the time.. why hes banned from Gaf.

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You're disappointed with Sonys launch line up so you pick a series x instead?
Thats some stupid ass logic right there.

Enjoy your lineup of even less lol.

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Most likey driver updates, ive seen firmware updates fix issues for games.
We dont need to know every detail about these updates.
The ones you do get featuers, youre told about.. so dont see the issue.

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You're right, i obviously dont understand.

Does the issue happen when you have a hdr tv running in sdr or does it happen on all sdr content regardless?

Had to go read the tweet from digital foundry..
Guess the games ive been playing havent been affected as much.

Anyhow, hope it gets sorted.

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No it doesnt.

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Strange, ive been playing in sdr since i bought the console and ive had no issues with black crush.
My panels are all calibrated.

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I would have liked no.3 but im already used to pressing it.

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"Introduces bees and other bugs"
Had me for a sec.

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Its your imagination.

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Never got downgraded, not sure what youre talking about.

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I hope 8k never becomes a standard, such a waste of power.

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Yes, something about SSD doesnt requires duplicate files.
mechanical drives are slow and use duplicate files to help speed up seak times..
Which bloat game files..
If i remember correctly.

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Love the look of it, definitely giving it a go.

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Swear i had this same discussion with someone on youtube.. believe it not had some tech comapny for his username.
Will have to have a look now.

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Haha love stupid comments like these..
You do realize not all xbox games will be 60fps right.. right.. 🤣🤣

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What ever helps you sleep at night.

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Forza motor
Cancelled game
Cancelled game
Forza motor

Cuphead is the only thing that looks exciting.

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