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"Years in the making" is somewhat true, since everything was already made over the years. lol

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don't really see the point in EA unless your a creator, its not online, so its not like getting ahead will mean anything

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As a PlayStation fan, MS does game pass right, being able to play for example sniper elite 5 that just came out is great, because i would never buy it at launch, these are the types of game i usually wait 6 months to grab when the price is lower. PlayStation needs to do this as well, now they might not get the same games which is great, If i can play new release games on different services, that is fine with me, I will be glad to pay for both. But right now game pass is better value if your ...

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Well, i guess i will wait til it comes to PlayStation, R6 Siege will hold me over.

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They need to listen to somebody, you create a product and invest millions of dollars into it, your sole purpose should be to sell as much you can to the consumer. Not chance it to exclusives. I just have never ran out and bought a system because of an exclusive game and that is what they are pushing for, more system sales because of exclusives which is smart, but not smart at the same time, you would ultimately generate more sales on that game if it was for all platforms. Just because they ar...

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Never will I understand exclusivity, no game will ever make me run out and buy hardware for it. I simply own a PS5 because that is where all my friends are, to be honest with all the hardware sales for both ps5 and xbox over the course of this pandemic, stupid decision for some of these games on both side to exclusive. But I guess PS and Xbox are not in the business of making money. IMO to be honest.

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December 31st 2021

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more like dead and not being used is more like it

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Yeah, let any developer try and then the let the feedback and sale numbers tell the story. Whichever Developer or Developers even bring in the most sales/revenue then they deserve the license. Trust me the star wars fans will let you know.

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why you really want to get the protection for launch consoles, just to be safe, even though sony will usually take care of you with the 1 year warranty

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sucks for the issues, but someone has to be the guinea pig. Why i wait to get mine a couple months after launch.l

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this thing is a fail big time, specially with the new generation of consoles launching. Might as well run a clearance and move on to the next thing.

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Stadia, almost forgot about that service. lol

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Not really a big deal right now, we probably have another 2 years or so before any of the games that people look forward too actually come out. Bethesda release schedule for games has been 2 to 3 years lately, so i think anyone who is interested in this titles, and thats even if its xbox and pc exclusive anyway has time to get themselves and xbox. Thats my situation though, im getting a PS5 first, then xbox. PS5 because that is just where all my friends are at. But i will eventually get both....

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i don't know about anyone else, but I know ever since this covid started, i have been buying more digital then anything instead of getting out and going to the store to buy a game. So I will have to upgrade or buying a external storage anyway.

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Having loads of fun with the game, but will not get game of the year. I will say this game is better then i thought it would be though.

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Umm. Is this the actual title. lol

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This game is great, so beautiful looking and great you fly anywhere and see the world. Watched someone go to MT. Everest and Vegas yesterday, if your going to get this game, its defiantly worth the upgraded graphics to really see the speculates.

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really like the mission "too tame a titan" really thought the game play mechanics were fun, really felt like your were taking a big robot, taking down each part to destroy him. Probably a good mission to do to see what raids are going to feel like, but hopefully little harder for the raid.

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If you just simply google "who owns the spider-man rights"? The clear answer given is Sony and that is why Spider-man is exclusive to the PlayStation version of marvel avengers and that's why the Spider-man game that released in 2018 was only on PlayStation. This should have been a clear indication that Spider-man was not going to come to Xbox because Sony owns the rights. Yes it sucks, but this is way it is, same reason why Halo and Gears Of War will never come to PlayStation. ...

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