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cable box*

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Their controller seems good...


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People don't buy Nintendo consoles for EA games. It sucks, but it's definitely not as bad as say, EA dropping Microsoft hardware support.

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Ya cus fuck everyone who doesn't believe in the same things I believe, right?

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This is why N4G is no longer my main website to visit. After the PS4 reveal, this place has just become one big circlejerk. I mean, before it was still pretty circlejerky, but it was at least tolerable back then.

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Pokemon is the new pokemon

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Nah. Nintendo and Sega merge and become Nintendo-Sega, or NS for short. They make a new console called the Nintendo-Sega Dreamcast 2 that has the latest tech and comes bundled with either the new Mario (Set in the N64 castle) or a new Sonic Adventure (Which, since Sega is now first party again, has the same quality that the old Sega games had).

Sega can still make PC games on the side like Total War though. It would technically be the first "Nintendo" games to be on...

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Crossfire sucks to deal with though...

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Definitely WoW during the Burning Crusade and Lich King expansions. Man, the countless nights me and all my friends wasted on that game...

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Ya. I don't get it. Wouldn't it be the most profitable if you developed a loyal fanbase on all three platforms? I mean, it might be harder to get a Nintendo fanbase for a shooter, but if they market everything correctly and try to make a good port then it's definitely possible...

I would definitely buy BF4 if it came out on wiiu. Interactive map for the commander would be an amazing feature. And off-TV play would be great too.

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I will be so incredibly happy if this turns out good. I miss Crash so much...

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You should clear up that sentence. It can be read two completely different ways...

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I would agree to that a year ago, but Activision isnt really that bad anymore. I mean, they still milk their CoD games but that's really just about the only thing they do.

Ea on the other hand has gotten waaaaaay worse.

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Come on Ubisoft, don't respond to these guys...

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They might do something like BF4:2143. I cant imagine DICE doing two modern shooters in a row(not including BC games)...

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This and MoH:AA are in my top 10 shooters of all time.

Man, MoH used to be so good...

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^Ya, because PC fanboys are really the only ones with a God complex. You even see the PS4 articles on this website? How bout this whole Teh8GigsRam thing? It's like a freakin cult you guys have going on here...

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Nope. Especially if they were like this gen. I'll just wait for sales.

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Man, I hope this game won't have those modern missions. I absolutely hated those...

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Hopefully since it's made by a different team it will come out better.

I love the pirate theme though. Really hoping they do some creative stuff with it.

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