DualShock4 makes me wet
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Funny cuz Im sure you played PS2 before Xbox came to the table...

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bubs !

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they always have :S

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I work on weekends :(

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ya it said 3v3 and 8v8... Id like to see some 16v16 KZ2 style. I was really hoping for some tanks and stuff, but I guess they took it the CoD route :(

Still looks fun tho and the graphics are AWESOME :P

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NVIDIA look really scared right now. They lost the console market, they are loosing the phone market and AMD are surpassing them graphic card wise at the moment. I think they are pissed that Sony and MS didn’t take them for next gen. Oh poor NVIDIA

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I wouldn’t be too worried anyway. Naughty Dog and Guerrilla games made epic games with only 128mbs of XDDR3. Imagine what they can do with 2Gbs, 3Gbs or even 5 of GDDR5 :P

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Id love to get this, but none of my friends are interested. I really liked the first one. Oh well so many other games are just around the corner

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If this is a separate game from GTA5 and its on PS4 I might wait for GTA5 to be ported on PS4 in a few years and play this instead. Call me crazy, but like they say all good things come to those who wait :D

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Can’t believe someone disagreed with you lol. Must be MS sheep -_-

Funny thing is… http://www.extremetech.com/...

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Ill ask her if need a PS4...


She said yes, but I didnt have much of a choice :/

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lol Azure is a CPU based server unlike Gaikai witch is a GPU server powered by NividiaGrid... But arguing with sheep like you is pointless. Just keep in mind that you can't do much graphics with CPU's, unless you're talking about lighting and AI, for everything else you need GPU's... Oh ya and latency, the fact that the XboxOne isn't always online anymore, but you look like you got it all figured out.

Have fun with “Azure“ ultimate powa of tha clouds

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Dam cant wait lol. I think BF3 is the mp game I played the most of all time. I know everyone says BFBC2 was the best, but I only played the very first BF1942 on PC and BF3 :P, but I loooooove it.

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Good for you!

I’m also a gamer, but I don’t feel like giving money to a company that was ready to screw us gamers in the a** and gaming with DRM. Not to mention forcing PC gamers into buying windows 8 for the new directX. Let’s not forget who started this DLC trend we see nowadays. I’m not going to do like on the others and go oh lalala Microsoft you listened to us… No lol, they listened to the money and who knows if they will go back with the DRM during the middle of the gen...

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Too bad you never played PlanetSide2 then... Its full of quality ;)

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its going to be a super weapon kinda thing. Those kinds of guns will be in the map waiting to be picked up by one lucky dude :P

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same here :S lol

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Only Mirrors Edge2, battlefront and BF4 for me. May be the last BF game I get tho. Looks like a big upgrade from BF3, but It doesnt look that different lol

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I hope so, after all Vita will have crossplay so why not add battlelog too :P

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