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It is the FF we have been waiting. Before the change in title and announcement, everyone was bitching about and asking where Versus 13 was.

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It would be a huge loss in Nintendo's pockets.

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Polygon has given some great review to some PS exclusives. Most of the time, it's just the taste of the reviewer.

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It's not like this is the first time the series has mixed up the battle system. You must not be a big fan because you obviously never heard of FF Tactics (which is a wonderful game, BTW).

FF is defined by more than it's battle system.

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Paying for Internet is not the same thing as MS putting features we already pay for behind a Pay wall.

I pay for my net and I pay for Netflix. Why do they have to charge me extra to use both of those?

Your tablet or computer doesn't put these services behind a subsription based pay wall. Poor comparison.

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No, you're the one who lost this argument. You lost this argument with your first post, you're just too stupid to see it. See this is why all babies with mental defects should be aborted.

You claimed that games need more and big boobs to sell in Japan. Last of Us sold well in Japan, so basically what you're saying is Last of Us sold well because large amounts of more and large boobs. But Last of Us doesn't have much of that. Ellie, one of the main characters i...

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We do pay for it. Netflix already has a sub price. Why does MS have to put it behind XBLG? There is no reason.

I love gaming, I can do it for hours straight, but there is nothing wrong with wanting to watch a movie on your console.

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You don't buy a console to watch Netflix but it's nice to watch a movie or two while you aren't gaming.

Why do I have to pay MS to use a service I already pay for?

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Also stops a whole bunch of good titles from making it.

Strict rules don't always have a positive outcome.

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You're trolling and also suffer a serious case of stupidity if you claim Killer is Dead has no big boobs. It's all that game has to offer.

In the Last of Us, Ellie, one of the main character, doesn't even have boobs, she's completely flat chested.

Your stupidity is overwhelming Need4Game. I hope in the future you develop some sense

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No, they weren't crap. They just changed it, like they changed everything else. Just another 180.

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Only one reason needed.

1) No backwards compatibility next gen.

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Glad to see that they brought Sonic back to it's roots. I was getting tired of the direction the series was taking.

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No it's not. Can you explain why Killer is Dead lacks in sales?

Can you also explain why Last of Us did well in Japan?

Stop trolling.

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Man, I wonder how much Rockstar spends on advertising.

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Yes, can't wait to play Custom Maid 3D on this bad boy.

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No, in other words, I was excited about the reveal of Microsoft's new console. It was a day one buy for me before the revealing. I even defended them when the peices of the always on and DRM surfaced, I didn't believe it at first.

As I stated in my first post, I used to be just like you, a MS fanboy. Bought the 360 day one.

I only decided not to buy the console after they tried to shaft me.

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Sony never had those same policies. They stated back in FEBRUARY that they were allowing used games and weren't requiring online.
Second, it wasn't modeled after steam. They weren't going to have steam type deals. MS was going to charge you the normal rates. Third, they were hurting smaller developers at first because they had no self publishing in the beginning. Last, I'm a PS fanboy? I bought a 360 day one and didn't get a PS3 until a couple of months ago. So yes...

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Yes, I was once like you. But one day you, yes, you too, will see the errors in your ways, my young padawan. You too have the power to overcome the dark side of the force.

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Microsoft did a good thing when they changed their policies but I can't see myself going back after they tried their best to shaft me and rape my wallet.

I use to be a loyal MS customer- No, more than that, a fanboy, but now I can see clearly.

MS was happy and willing to shaft me over in the beginning, and that is something I won't forget.

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