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Your brain must be damaged beyond repair lol

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The Unfinished Swan, Okami HD, Disonored, Xcom: Enemy Unknown and maybe LBP Karting and Hitman Absolution too.

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I could understand some of all this "doom and gloom" the first year of PS3, not now, neither 3 years ago.

Money are powerfull, everyone is on selling at the right price. And someone got a LOT of money.

Plus, look at the average quality of videogaming's journalists ...

Sorry, but I need way more of what you said to change my mind.

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In a world where everything moves because of money, I can not believe all this "doom and gloom" it' s not driven (and payed) from someone.

Too big, too costant and with too much timing to be something casual. In my opinion.

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I tried the demo, I loved it. I' m going to buy this game ASAP!! I can't wait to play this game!

I LOVE turn-based games!

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To improve the quality average of their trash line-up.

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This is a Sony Personal 3D Viewer HMZ-T1 review.

Where I live it is already available the T2 version which is improved under a good number of aspects.

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This is one of the reasons (but not the only one), but does not justify capcom.

The fourth chapter, however, was a great and innovative game, with still a little of the classic survival horror taste.

The main problem is that after the forth chapter of the series Capcom became the Activision of Japan.

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"Just because you can't find a weapon YOU enjoy."

No. As I said I found 5 or 6 "good" assault rifles in about 28 levels. I am not that stupid that I can' t tell if a gun is trash/bad/average/good/nice or not.
For many reasons, examples: I have been playing videogames for something like 29 years, and I played like 700 hours the first Borderlands single player/multi/online.

So I think I know what I am talking about.

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Great game, but no game is perfect.

Where are assault rifles? I mean I am lvl 28 Commando and I got like 5 or 6 good ( nothing special, just good ) assault rifles till now ... what about Tediore and Hyperion assault rifles ( my favorite ones of the first game -Hyperion ones were beasts- )?

Tons of very good sniper rifles, SMGs and shotguns which I am not interested in. I like assault rifles but it' s hard to play like this as commando. The game is very go...

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Metal Gears of War Online ... aww :/

Why Konami? Why?!

MGO was my best online experience ever ... WTF.

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lol no.

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In a country profoundly democratic -and let me point out profoundly democratic- prisons serves to correct the behavior of criminals and uncivilized people in general, not to punish.

This does not mean they must absolutely have videogames, but it does not mean absolutely the opposite either.

It must be a rehabilitation program (because the prisoners will be put back into civil society sooner or later, if they have not committed too serious crimes. This is a fa...

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Happy to hear I am not the only one that thinks that this game is really boring and overestimated.

I borrowed the game from a friend, it's from Fallout 3 that I decided to not buy any game from Bethesda. it showed to be the right decision.

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You exploit and manipulate every possible imaginable topic to advertise nintendo, get over with fanatic fool.

You are unbearable, people like you should be banned because the fanatics are dangerous people.

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I did and I still prefer JRPGs.

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Because it sells.

The story of the world is long and rich and there is still the major part that deserve to be told.

EDIT: @ -DanielBryan- : Exactly.

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It looks great ... but again ( as many other japanese titles I am interested in ) the main character is a girl.

Sorry, but I' ll pass, I don' t really enjoy a game playing the whole time as a girl ; ;

Is that hard to make a game that let the player choose the main character' s sex? I don' t think I' am asking too much WTF -.-

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I agree, we don' t need another title that plays like Army of Two or Gears of War.

We need a pure Metal Gear Online successor.

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