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Hope she sees this bro.

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Way to counter his sentiment.

"haha phrase is big dum"

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As a moth to a flame, so a normie to the MCU. (It is MCU.)

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Imagine thinking the MCU is good.

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I'll take another Ultimate Alliance over this ass-looking normie bait.

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Nope, nice try though. That's not what was said at all. Congrats on the lack of reading comprehension and fact twisting, I guess.

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In my group of friends that plays everything under the sun online, at least 4, including myself, passed on BFV because the PR outright instructed us to not buy the game. So we didn't lol.

You're underestimating how many people passed on this game because of the rotten-to-the-core ideologue PR. You can't just call a group of people a name and pretend the impact of said group doesn't exist. That's what the PR did, worked out well for them. ¯\_(ツ)_/...

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Holy shit when does it end.

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>talks about metroidvania
>thumbnail is of original Castlevania, not a metroidvania in any way

I actually prefer the pre-SotN titles, just sayin'.

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No they didn't, They were rightfully fired. Fuck that.

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No. Stop. Please no.

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Badass comment. Well said.

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lol that last one

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*jumps through more hoops to arrive at that solution*

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^ These comments implying that I'm not a fan of psychological horror. lol

I've played all of the Silent Hills and seen The Babadook, It Follows, AND The Witch. They're all great psychological horrors (and some of them even had jump scares), but that isn't to say they're works of art. They used minimum jump scares and instilled a sense of dread with tension.

It's really not hard to make good psychological horror. Do the masses go for it...

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You say that, but Visage looks great on Kickstarter. Same with Allison Road. It doesn't take a genius to make a tense horror game. While I love Kojima and Del Toro both, they aren't the only ones that can make a good horror game. Layers of Fear just released and it scratched all the itches P.T. gave me.

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Obviously the good blood guided IGN.

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Agreed, right there with you.

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I feel bad for agreeing.

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