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The Wii is the lead development console? What?

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Lol thanks for the laugh.

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Who hasn't got a console with them being so cheap now? I've a powerful pc, a 360 and two PS3s. I play all games I can on PC as graphics gags and the rapes the consoles and I play exclusives on the consoles. That's how I role baby. If there's a good game worth playing, I've a machine that will play it.

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Very good trailer I'll give them that but it looks just like MW2. It will sell like hot cakes at an obesity parade but Battlefield 3 will too and that's the shooter to buy. Why settle for mediocrity when you can play Battlefield 3 instead? It may well be a good game but I'm just sick of CoD year after year after year. Though if you were a shareholder in Activision you wouldn't be complaining. I won't be buying or renting this game but I will give it a go. I think you can r...

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As an owner of both consoles and a very powerful pc, I hope the next gen is 2014 (I care not for the Wii 2). I'm happy the way things are. UC3 and Gears 3 later this year and many more ps3 exclusives. LA Noire just after releasing along with the Witcher 2. There are plenty of games to play and I don't believe ps3 or 360 gamers are fed up with this gen yet. The PS3 certainly hasn't been maxed out yet and we've yet to even see what Agent will be like. Let's not forget about ...

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Oblivion was received better than Morrowind. The average scores are higher.

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There is a big anti-American market out there that this game could sell to. It includes all countries besides the USA.

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If its not the PS3's fault or the game's fault, then that means it must be Bin Laden's fault? Seeing as its not an inside job...

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Wow. I didn't think LBP2 could make games of this standard. I'm going out and buying it tomorrow. This is awesome. LBP3 will probably allow us to make LBP4 :).

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God says murder is bad and we should not be the baddies but the goodies. Oh wait, there is no God.. Kill what you will.

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On pc, mods will allow you to kill them and I'll be getting it on pc (powered by the GTX 600 Kepler) so killed they will be.

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This is great. Now the children and mentally retarded can buy MW3 while real gamers such as myself can get Battlefield 3. That way, we'll all stay in our own leagues.

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Yeah they could do what David Jaffe did. Seeing as they weren't at E3 last year, it would be suspicious if they showed up this year with all the GTA V rumours flowing around. Seeing as Agent is PS3 exclusive, I'm expecting GTA V to be announced at M$'s 360 conference but not by Rockstar themselves. Though knowing Rockstar, they could reveal it a day before E3 begins.

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Though how can one not accuse Sony of incompetence for having such a weakly secured online service? Sure the hackers caused the problem but they wouldn't have been able to do anything if PSN was properly secured. Even though I don't like M$, something like this has never happened to Live where it has been offline for weeks and the personal information of its users stolen. A lot of people with both consoles who didn't subscribe to Live before, probably have started to do so now. Th...

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Both franchises are very different. Just because both Drake and Lara are treasure hunters, doesn't mean the games are similar. Osama Bin Laden and Ted Bundy were both murderers but were very different people. Ted liked to rape his victims first.

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They don't forgive. They don't forget. We should have expected them. Al-Qaeda that is. How on earth could the US be so dumb as to let 911 happen? They surely knew Al-Qaeda were planning something...

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As much as we dislike CoD because of how frequent the games release, there are so many people who love it and spend hundreds of hours a year playing the latest CoD game. For them, 60 dollars is well worth it for the amount of entertainment they get so yes, these people will continue to buy CoD year after year unless a competitor takes over. That competitor could very well be Battlefield 3.

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To hell with three discs. PS3 version ftw!

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