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I mean, some mobiles could increase their profit if they came out globally. They made a tactical Fullmetal Alchemist game that looks interesting and there isn't any sign of a global release. As much as y'all might hate mobile games, that one would certainly make them a buck or two!

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Diablo has a currently unpopular company and (even though I have some curiosity to try it out), some people like me don't like isometric games too much. FF is the more popular franchise and it's on a high note after FF7 comeback.

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not to brag or anything like that but not even the first trailer impressed me. Sure, it looked cool but something felt very generic right from the start.

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WWE released one and announced another game and still AEW keeps advertising their game without any release window for it

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Detective Pikachu

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this ain't news. Lantern rite has been a recurring event for 3 years now

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Why should I play an inferior version after I'm so used to FES? I was so ready to buy it until I saw they made it a point and click game

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all in all, it was the 2nd most replayed by me (first being dmc5)

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Yeah, for a second there I thought my childhood playing SSX had been a lie

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I laughed when I saw what this was about. What worries me is that the "main event" of the xmas games is usually the first title and although that monkeys game is cool, it's just a mobile game. Please tell me they're offering one AAA game (and let it be something they haven't offered in the past)

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it doesn't matter. Each entry is a separate experience from the last and even if you don't enjoy one, you might like the previous or next entry in the series. With how much XVI promises to change (into a more action based RPG), there's no need for people who don't like turn based games to play previous ones

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brushing your horse and doing camp tasks were not required for anything. There's a map at your camp you can interact to fast travel but I can still side with you on that one.

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Despite the pretty graphics and cool ASF animations, it just looks like an uninspired game with the "reincarnated in another world" trope that I hate so many animes for

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Haven't played it yet so beware of major spoilers please but did Atreus learned he had a sister? I really wanted to see his reaction to that discovery and to her sad fate (although it's hard to do that without Kratos admitting he went on a mass murder during the event and on a mass murder to avenge that event)

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Been waiting patiently for this game to give me what looks like a new Witcher-esque game (talking about the world, not the gameplay) and its release date is finally announced. Awesome!

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I stopped playing due to how much time consuming this game is and suddenly Scaramouche has an anemo jewel

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I thought I knew the game until I saw a review of it. Main gameplay is a strategy combat game like XCom but apparently you have alot of socializing with Marvel characters outside of combat like the Persona games which is an odd choice I'm not sure I care for

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Don't apologize for the game's performance. Apologize for the old hardware you have it running on

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Don't get me wrong, I'm all for it and intrigued by it but I never expected nor can I imagine such things in a FF game. All the more reasons to look forward to this one

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I can see him play 2nd place as main villain with Kraven as the main final baddy. You deal with Venom earlier and in the final fight he shows up to help due to something Kraven did to him. Then, Venom leaves just to return in a future game as a full fledged (anti-)hero

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