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Is probably going to ps4 still not certain you might still have to wait for a good game on your system ps4 owners

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Pc beats anything on consoles

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Good luck sony with there VR not a patch on the rift and the rift isn't good enough lol MS is the future with hololens

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I own an x1 you can stick your indie games thats all thats on ps4 we don't want any indies just next gen please can't wait for holo lens

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People are making the switch back to xbox i knew that would happen xbox is just better it just is

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Xbox one is gonna have some amazing games glad i picked x1 over ps4

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This ad doesn't say pc either just games are up 50% xbox one just keeps getting better

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Its only 1360x1080 on multiplayer single player is higher dynamic some parts are 1080p but smoothness is the most important thing so xbox is better i think if it drop 10fps i would notice

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Thats all great but it won't let you change to southpaw needs update NOW!!!!

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HD DVD had the better picture in the beginning over blu-ray same story as betamax over vhs betamax was the better picture but vhs won the war shame really

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You're all forgetting the people that planned on getting both but went for ps4 first they are now buying the cheap and great x1 bundles i think MS will win in the long run in the places that matter

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Xbox one just keeps getting better all the time

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OMG! you sony fans are full of it the game is totally shite go and play forza h 2 and come back and tell me this is good its horrible GET REAL

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They are doing this because driveclub is so awful gotta give them something lol

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Forza motorsport 5 has the best handling of any racing game you can tell if a racing game has good handling just by watching it when i see driveclub i laughed and project cars looks funny in the handling department aswell and forza never need worry about gt that is overrated

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Forza h2 has awesome gfx aswell as alot of content

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And ps store wants 59.99 for this crap lol

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The reason is it used to be a xbox one game MS are awesome

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No fifa 14 and 15 are exactly the same on both 1080p/60fps and same textures and effects

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Sony have nothing to do with android and every app will be adjusted to run and fit on xb1 just to much work for sony anyway get your own ideas

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