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don't go to gamestop, you get more money back for your games on ebay.

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Crck, I'm just telling what what I see from working in video game retail. Yes, fanboys are not likely to change their minds (what minds they have), but parents who buy games for their kids are.

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you can't really declare a winner after one month. Especially when there is a 360 shortage in the retail market. In january, at work we got in 2 cases of 360s, 4 units. We didn't get restocked on PS3's, because we still have tons left over from xmas. People have money in their wallet from xmas to burn, want a game system. can't get a 360 or a Wii, so they pick up a PS3.

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i think after the holidays there will be a backlash at sony. You have people buying the 399 system as an xmas gift. Most retailers have employees that know nothing. When I get people coming in to buy the system, I let them know the full difference between the 399 and 499 model and they are shocked that the 399 will not play any older games. i'd love to know how many people will be shocked by that come the 25th

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old news! there have been a few stories with people whining about the same thing.

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Most customers I talk do don't even know what Bluray is, they think its the blue colored discs that were some PS2 games

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they're not zombies, they just have super Aids

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a cheap core system is a good way to get customers into stores. so they can be upsold onto getting the higher tier models.

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well a story of fluff from a real source is news, not someone crying about being "ripped off" on a message board. that would be like citing a story off of everyone on here then.

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so some loser posting in a message board is news?

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yeah, i didn't even think of snatching up the action figures that we had at my work, some other employees got to them. I was going to "customize" it and sell it on ebay. with a noose, roids and pillow with "smothering action"

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he should be in the game, and his new finishing move should be the Smotherer!

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the 360 issue was more of a lack of supply drought. at my work last year, we did not get ANY 360s for close to 2 months (between feb and 1st of april). After that, they were stocked well and did not sell out that much.

But this year with the Wii, when we get them in they are gone instantly. shipments ranging between 20-40 every 1-2 weeks. there was only a 1 month gap of no restocking. And every day I get bombarded with people still asking about it, it is funny when they are sh...

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yeah, my phone at work was ringing off the hook on tuesday of people asking if we got it in.

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at my toysrus we had 42 Wii's on sunday and sold out towards the end of the day. However we still have a bunch of GHII's.

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there are lots of Wii's getting to market. It's not like the artificial demand created by the 360 last year, because most stores didn't get ANY in for a 2 month period Wii's have been coming in every week or 2, in significant numbers. at my work the last 4 shipments of Wii's in the past month have been 36, 28, 24 and 42.

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they are, it's been announced a while back before. It's coming to the 360 and PS3.

And capcom is a big company, they can do more than one thing at once, like porting a game to a new system while developing a new one.

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well it has a good team working on it. I won't be picking it up since i'm burnt out on anything Halo right now.

But it doesn't seem to be a real "ongoing". It may just end up being a long set of miniseries. Since this first one, Halo: Uprising is a four issue miniseries.

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saw this coming, on the computer system at work our warehouse showed it as X status and no other store in the region had any.

oh well, it did confuse people. I had soo many customers think it was cheaper just because of the harddrive.

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Yeah......Since No one EVER lies on surveys.

but i'd fall into the 37.83%

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