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Are you fucking kidding me. How did this get approved. Don't give this any more hits. To save you the trouble, they tell you to wait until Niantic makes an event in order to get legendary pokemon...

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What a shitty title for an article. Bethesda doesn't need to "buy time".. They have set themselves up with the same luxuries as Rockstar. When their game is ready to be shown, they will show it. 2 years from now 5 years from now, no one is complaining because it isn't here yet.

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How could anyone possibly downvote Shubhendu_Singh comment. Wtf.

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Can't you upgrade to Windows 10 for free if you have 7 up until Summer of 2016 or some shit?

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I'm thankful for waking up this morning. Also toilet paper, cuz after I eat I'm gonna need it. Thank you person who thought of toilet paper. Also I'm thankful I'm not a turkey. :''(

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He hasn't skated competitively for years... wtf are you talking about.

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It's unfortunate that the uninformed will assume these comments at Kimmel represent the gaming community...Some people just have to go and make all of us look bad...

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As a business, you want to make the most profit possible. Your consumers happiness and satisfaction on your product has an influence on future profits. It's a standard to pay for extra characters when they are released. The reason it wasn't like that "back then" was because game companies couldn't just upload updates to a server for the entire playerbase to download. Remember map pack dlc discs, those were a lot more of an investment than just simply updating your game l...

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Pretty sure this is referring to the company logos that pop up before the main menu. You can't skip past them normally.

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I'm kind of dissappointed. I've been playing a FREE TO PLAY MMORPG called "Black Desert" and it looks and feels 5x better than this AAA title (VISUALLY). Why?

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PC isn't the only platform for Bethesda games. Where are the modders for consoles, they could use the talent to sell their game elsewhere.

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This is Pokemon Generations, and they announced they're done doing working on it ages ago...Who the hell approved this..

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You're glad he survived a 12 story fall? I wouldn't wish that pain on my worst enemy.

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It doesn't?

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I'm pretty sure Twitch is running it from their offices. Maybe I'm wrong.

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This is an article about nintendo..the fuck does it have to do with the other consoles..why would he mention them

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Looks good, but they don't let you select pokemon in the website...Damn..

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Yeah but just like anything, whether it be a website, a car, the design on a soda bottle, it has to be visually appealing to catch peoples attention in the first place, games are no different in that regard.

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If they can do both well I don't see how it can hurt. R* focus should be a better OVERALL experience and if they feel in order to do that they need to expand on online play, if done well that's a win for me.

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15th game??

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