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You don't say.. I can certainly see why lol. If you're a female writer, I blush every time I see your icon & your dialogue...

Don't know what is & I mean no disrespect lol, but this is quite the treat :)

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I haven't been here in awhile, just wanted to say how much of a fan I am. The way you summarize is so classy & well put together

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Finally someone agrees with me, a PC platform would save alot of time for everyone. More games & innovation, plz make it happen

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She' s freakin right, they handled not only marketing, everything poorly. When nostalgia was, it reminded me of the PS4 (Playstation memories video) video.

Iwata is the one to blame, his presence & business decisions reflects the company. That's why he changed the classic Nintendo logo to discrete grey. Another one, instead filling Nintendo's install base with a variety & different rated games, Iwata makes everything for casual play & generic platform...

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I' d have to agree on this article, he' s heavily conservative. He dictates so much in this company.

Sure he' s done great things in the past but, he' s holding back new ideas, new creations & such.

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@ Misaka x_x Touma; Shut up, you still haven' t proved a valid point. No one game is gonna be worth $60 digitally forever, a collector' s edition maybe but not a virtual copy. I wasted too much time with garbage like you, don't ever in your life debate with me again

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@Misaka_x_ Touma, again you' re not making a lick of sense. I think you' re the one who needs a clue.

You said it doesn't matter since the publisher controls the price? Get outta here!!! Even if they adopt anti consumer practices forcing them to buy games else where? I don't think so

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I' m sorry what? Didn' t catch your comment due to bad grammer. Didn' t you read the article? Quit being a fanboy

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Yea, what is the deal with this Iwata guy? He can' t be serious!!! What is goin on at Nintendo headquarters!? I mean this guy tops off each briefing/investor meeting with ludicrous claims that are unethical or unheard of. Does this guy care about the company? It' s as if he' s a paid undercover agent with a mission to sabotage Nintendo til it' s no more

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@Kalkano; Finally someone who understands, bubbled you up for that

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What are you talking about? This right here is corporate greed, even Gamestop drops some prices after awhile

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This is insane!!! Someone fire this guy!!!!!

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Well spoken, older gamers know their stuff

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Gonna agree with this guy as well, already told friends about Valve/Steam & they think it' s a joke. Don't understand when Xbox came out they got excited, but when Valve/Steam has facts, dirt cheap sales, millions upon millions of satisfied customers they still don't care

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What!? LOL XD

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@mhunterjr. Get outta here, There are many things wrong with Microsoft as well as our media programming.

You' ve wasted enough of my time already, I stand by my claims & done debating.


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No way am I backin down, I know Nintendo' s hold on the market before the mid 90s & their stubborness to adapt to modern specs & features.

Furthermore Sega destroyed themselves after the Genesis with unneccessary add ons & (32x) the half baked Saturn. When they released the Dreamcast they couldn' t make profit, next they decided to price drop not once but twice. Before the Dreamcast they had the reputation in shambles. The PS arrival & defeat of Sony...

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Japanese gaming is threatned by western corruption. Haven' t you read this article?

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Oh & another thing, Nintendo & Sony need to squash it & form an alliance. All of Japan' s greatest need to work together, kick Microsoft' s ass & save gaming

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This is a really good read, of course I already know. The most logical, & non B.S.way to play games would be PC. No brand loyalty & you always get those Steam sales

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