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I unsubbed from their channel after this review. I need hard truth not smooth talk.

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Oh yeah, they love it. Not that it's rocket science, but still You've got a point.

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"high-quality Russian"
And that's what we call an oxymoron.

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While some gamers may realize where it leads, Sony realizes and care about their lost profit only.

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Do you have to play all available crap to be a real gamer? Are people who play only handful of games but for thousands of hours no real gamers? Also, is being called a real gamer some kind of praise nowadays? Because for me it's kinda lame tittle.

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It was such promising game. Too bad that instead of resolving it's problems, they decided to destroy it with NGE. Fck smedley. BTW, it's after being part of SWG and following it's development, i started to hate the word "potential" in regards to computer games. If game's potential is not fulfilled from the start, you can bet it will never be.

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N4G is, and AFAIR always was Sony's fanbois site. I'm not a tool of any company, through the years i had consoles from all major manufacturers, and ATM have one from each of big three. From gathered experience, i can say, Sony's fanbois are the most blind, stubborn and selfish of all of them. Not saying MS buying Acti won't eventually turn against players, because all these corporations do, eventually will have to profit them, not us, but i can guarantee th...

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Should have express myself more clearly - netflix is woke garbage, not Edgerunners. Didn't watch it, don't have wokeflix anymore. Regarding better sources - read some books for a change.

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It's Netflix so hopefully nothing. Regardless of anything, there are better sources then this woke garbage.

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Oh, for sure. Still, i can't take seriously scout boys, lol

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Pusy face

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ATM xbox is like Star Citizen. They claim to have great stuff, but nobody saw it :lol

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I would care if it was a remaster, but remake? Don't care at all. I'm afraid, they'll find a way to dumb it down, and "recreate for modern audiences", making it unplayable to me.

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Yeah, sorry, was thinking more about zetas or alphas. Should already know to double check anything learned on internet forums ;-)

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Yeah, normally i wouldn't mind. Nowadays i turn back on the first mention of diversity, "created for modern audiences" etc. Too much is too much.

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Who hates encumbrance? Maybe millennials and the rest of easy way, instant gratification crowd, but definitely not everyone. This obsession with loot seems pathological.

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Another easy mode, play-with-one-hand-in-a-bag-of -chips snooze fest like ESO?

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Because whole diversity idea while good itself, was perverted by entertainment industry, and do more harm, then good. By closing my wallet, i'm showing i don't accept the current state of things.

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I like this kind of articles, they let me know what to avoid :-)

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But is he already fragile, weak, women sidekick? If not, we are not done yet, lol

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