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SF4 vanilla was loved by most and and not considered a misstep. It wasn't until they went revision crazy that people started turning on Capcom.

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Time for everyone who used credit or debit cards on any Sony platform to request new cards! That info might now be sold in bulk on the dark web.

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She looks like an old Emilia Clarke

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Don't feel bad, most of the people who worked on those games probably left years ago.

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I think it's to fight piracy since GOG is DRM Free

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Not under this Capcom. Maybe they will put a Mega-man skin in Exoprimal if fans beg.

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Very disappointing. He Dew not know De Wey.

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Episode three is supposed to be about a romance between two gay men. Let's see how the public react.
No I'm not making this up, press got the first batch of episodes before they were released to the public.

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Triple channel memory perhaps? Three matching sticks of 8GB

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Hopefully someone runs these low-res assets through an Ai upscaler and compiles an HD version for us!

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Are you implying only ugly people go to prison because you would be surprised.

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Switch is reaching it's saturation level, nothing more.

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"It doesn't have an internal speaker, Adaptive Triggers, or haptic feedback."
"The Wolverine V2 Pro will cost $250 and is exclusive to GameStop and the Razer store."

Hard pass!

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Are you trying to get it pulled before it's even released?!? Some games should NOT be advertised to the masses on sites like this...

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Not on a 15W APU. It might handle Wii-U but not Switch gaming.

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Lots of old games have mods now for ai upscaled texture packs so the look even better. Here is a link so you can see how good they can look in emulation with better textures.

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Maybe take Ofrenda from the title. It's spoilers to people who speak Spanish or watched Coco.

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Good job, stick to your guns!

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Americans don't come up with the name Soccer, the Brits did. Not Americas fault they have a bad memory.

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