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Fine, we aren't comparing speeds? What about a AMD Opteron 6234? That is a 12-core server processor for only $400.

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Sure, why not? Google AMD FX-8350, its an 8 core CPU for only $199

Its nothing special, AMD has been making high core CPUs for a while now and they are dirt cheap, but thats for a reason. AMD's 8 core processor gets beat out by a quad core Intel i7.

I'm guessing that is why Sony went with AMD, seeing that their chips are very cheap compared to Intel.

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"You cant have odd ram. cos it mess up your speeds. if you mean. 8gb than fare enough. but your using a cpu thats in tripple channel? "

Yes, my Mobo is triple channel. I have 9gigs, and triple channel does not slow down your speeds.

My CPU is 70'c under load MAX. running around40-50 while no load.


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I guess, because it was been a while.. little off, Just double checked. I had to take my mobo step by step. It is currently at 166x8 1328mhz (normally 1066). I did get it to 1400 (or close) then had some pretty sweet lockup's from my BIOS. Had to settle with that.

And no, didn't count vram or lollipop sticks.

(bubbles for making me restart my PC and check my bios to remember.:)

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I enjoy these post, I for one have never had a high end machine. So, when I heard of BF3 coming out I knew it was time to build one!

I'm currently sitting on a
i7-970 Hex core over clocked at 4ghz running stable at 74 C.
9Gigs of memory clocked at 1400Mhz (wish I could push a little higher but my mobo won't handly any more speed)
Nvidia 560ti Overclocked by about 150mhz from 822 to 970mhz
180gb 3rd gen intel SSD and 1TB 7200RPM HDD <...

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Brian, don't worry. Anyone can play any came at 1080p with everything else turned to the lowest setting. I for one cannot wait for this game on PC, but I have this gut feeling to matter what I upgrade it will not be enough for MAX settings. Back to the console debate, looks great. I am impressed how close it is to the PC.

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Don't worry friend, It's just some idiot writer that wants some cheap hits, so he writes an article about what he "thinks" might happen. Clearly doing what he is writing about. N4G's has become a playground for nobody writers trying to get a couple hits.

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I work for BestBuy and we are doing the same thing. However, no prices were changed on our laptops, we just added a free XBOX to anything over 700 with student ID.

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It's not, At least I agree with you that I don't see the problem. Its just another website that likes to post drama to get hits.

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Oh I miss the good old days when a SCAN was actually a scan using a scanner, not a picture with a crappy camera that can't even make out detail.

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I can tell you that bestbuy was under strict orders from the higher ups not to sell move until the Sunday after it was released for the ad. Most if not all stores got the ad minimum of 8. So bestbuy that many.

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Wow so many disagrees for that statement. You are correct, atleast for the private showing. They were all demoing GR on Xbox.
Assassins Creed was demo'd on both but Drivers I don't know.

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I was at E3 and got into the demoing of Ghost Recon. There were about 6 stations all only running the game on 360.

Oh but Assassins Creed was demo'd on both systems and playable on the floor.
Don't know about Driver. it was restricted.

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Just in the normal code redeem menu on the dashboard. Nothing different then any other code. if you get a code it doesn't require the ODST game.

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I got mine through training at my work. Just started playing tonight, damn it is a lot more fun than halo3.

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That is Carter, leader of Noble 6. He's the spartan 3 wearing the blue armor in the launch video. Master Chief was a Spartan 2. He would be taller and bigger.

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I believe it. I know two people that had a modded box. Got a copy of forza played for a day or two then got banned. I don't doubt MS.

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I work at bestbuy, we had our copies like 2 weeks ago. Normal ones that is. We just got the harden and prestige a couple days ago.

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Now this is just a guess but didn't they say somewhere that MW2 will have a record feature similar to Halo3? So if it does couldn't this just be someone watching a saved video in third person? Just like you can do in halo3?

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I was going off what my friend who seems obsessed with this game told me. Damn him and his lies!
Thanks Pandamobile for your enlightenment

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