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"Same. If there's a visual mode or perf mode, I'll always go visual mode for the first playthrough."

Exactly. I didn't purchase my $2k tv for nothing. I am a visual wohre. If you know what i mean?

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Isn't Ghost Of Tsushima an RPG?

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"They" as in Sony. Did you even read what i said?

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I prefer visuals over 60 frames. So no, don't kill it.

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It's not the same.

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Who gives a flying F

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That looks Amazing.

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I am about to play GT right now. Miss? GT Sport is a great game. Well if you're into intense online racing.

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"Don't know why you triggered so bad, was just saying that series x is getting tested and reviewed by independent sites, meanwhile no news on how the PS5 is going to handle BC, External SSD, etc."

Yeah, Cerny already gave this info in March.

"Still banging the "OMG raytracing in R&...

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They are smart to allow MS to shoot their load. Oct will be wall to wall ps.
So smart.

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I'm sorry. I thought i heard MS say 120fps and Yakuza isn't really a demanding game. Honest question. Maybe they mean for smaller games.

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The other never said anything about 120.

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Go play old games on your sx via Gamepass, if you want to pay cheap games. See, real games cost a lot to produce,you know with all that Ray Tracing and all? so don't worry about ps, they earned the right to raise the price. I know, and everyone one else knows we will have a WOW! moment in the next 2 yrs. Because they, unlike MS delivers

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Talk about "propaganda". lol

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BLM just don't want cops to shoot, choke out, or beat unarmed black people to death and get away with it even if it's on f ing video for all to see.

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