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Because that means even more work on a demo for an unfinished game.
You put in hundreds of hours of work to even make the game work for a showfloor demo, to be able to make the game playable for the public means even more testing and bugfixing

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Its weird. People hate cancel culture but want to cancel everything that they deem unnecessary...

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You dont gave GOT to compare it to ^^

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Its optional. You can look it up on the internet so its just annoying to not be able to do so

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What is your statement actually? That all games are holding your hand? that all games have tutorials? That all games give you infinite lives? and health regenerates?
Because that is factually incorrect.
Actually, even old games had tutorials, (less difficult levels or straight up tutorials) yes, a lot and for sure more games have regenerative health, but not all of them. And not all games had a finite amount of health back in the day, also that was one of the ways to make a...

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Its not even available in my country...

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I mean their strategy is very obvious. Every game that will get a sequel on PS will be ported to PC so as many people as possible will buy a PS for the next installment. And even those that dont want to buy a least they get money from them.

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that is really impressive

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A friend that was a hater actually bought the game a week ago, he loves it.

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I actually did a playthrough like 2 years ago. The game aged really well. Its still great.

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I liked the WiiU. And the games were great. I would say more power to nintendo by releasing them to this big of an audience. I think the prices are a bit high, but if consumers pay them...I guess its justified

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Pretty much this, thanks

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Do you play on hard? Its quite a challange and a lot of fun

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Warp reality of historic events? Sounds like every medium in the history of the world that ever existed.

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Because its a really good one :)

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Hitman 3 already sold best on ps5. Try again

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Isnt that one later?

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