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i would get this if someone can confirm one thing for me, if im playing a game, can it record live tv at the same time?

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I am a Sony fanboy, but I must disagree with you. Sony is not a person, unless if the founder's name was Sony but then again he is most likely dead. Sony is a brand/company. It is not a physical being so it can not sh!t on a console. To be able to sh!t you must be able to eat, digest, and let out the waste.

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well, neways most of us ppl try to make the other guy racist (i have a lot of black friends and am half black), although most of us know nothing about racism, only ones are our grandparents and they should be respected

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my god this show rox my sox

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dumbasses, its just 2x faster bcuz of the 7200rpm hdd, and its just a yellow ps3 from (u can custom color most consoles and ipods etc)

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lmao a myspace ad in the background of the vid

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thats a supra right there, my bro has a 1994 1000+hp supra

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i have a liquid cooled pc, dumbass needs to use antikinks on those tubes unless he wants them to screw up

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my god there better not be 2 hdmi port and 3 ethernet bcuz i spend my $600 on my 60gb ps3 back in april and i am certainly NOT wanting to be under a higher end ps3 for the same price

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i am a ps3 fanboy

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ur stupid, first off there are 2 less usb ports on the front, then, the playstation3 writtin on top and the logo by disc insert is painted on

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i think some ps3 fanboy hacked bladestar's account, neways +1bubblez for u for saying something positive against ur enemy

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lol i posted the same thing, i feel the same way,

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u know i dont understand this from the beginning rumors, software emulation requires NO EXTRA COMPONENTS, they are usuing software emulation for the 80gb ps3, now why the hell would they remove something that is free that will attract buyers from the 40gb

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lol for a second ithought u were going to get neg famed like and idiot but wat u said at the end is true, +bubblzze fo sho fo u sir

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lesbiansonyfangirl althought i negative bubbled u and i disagreed with u i love how for once we all (ps3, wii, 360 ppls) have united to fight a dumbass (you). why can we not be like this all the time?

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man wat si that song...

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wtf is this doing in ps3 section???

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i love putting funny clips of stuff on my ps3 like family guy

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Taken from:

Posting Rumors
Like it or not, but rumors have always been a big part of the gaming press. So posting rumors is fine as long as you make it absolutely clear in your post that it is a rumor. The rumor should also come from a somewhat credible source. A lot of people make up rumors in internet forums so be careful to check the source before posting. ...

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