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Sounds like they haven't got it quite right yet.. it's putting "everything" into an atmos container, rather than just tempest audio games.. (so PS1 stuff that should be stereo is coming out all the speakers)..

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The firmware change is to allow Sony's Tempest 3D AudioTech that the PS5 uses to play 3D sound via the Sony headphones to be output to your receiver in "Atmos" speak..

You're right that your receiver does the translation to your speakers. The game audio "translation" for a person with a 5.1.2 setup is going to be very different to the "translation" that a 7.2.4 user gets.

My vague understanding is the source Atmos d...

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Pretty big statement to make "people just use their tv audio to play games". Care to provide some sort of research for this statement? Personally I don't know anyone that uses the standard audio on their TV whether they're playing games, watching movies or just TV. Sound bars and basic receiver setups are so cheap these days you'd be mad to stick with the basic shit in most TVs

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Clearly playing games isn't the only thing he doesn't have much time for.. A vague spell / grammar check over the article wouldn't have gone astray before publishing it!

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Sick of these idiots posting youtube video's as their own..

Here it is in 480p glory with a server that has some bandwidth!

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Nothing to stop you downloading vmware for linux and then installing windows inside that????

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Not that anyone really cares I guess.. but Melbourne is a city in the state of Victoria - its definitely not a state like the text above suggests :-)

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Well that depends on how much you want to compress it.. You can get a whole DVD into a 600mb DivX but you lose a fair bit in the process.. He's just saying they can put the whole movie on there, with high bit-rates and full 1080p and not be concerned about running out of space for multiple audio tracks etc..

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Whilst I don't agree procedurally generated content is 100% the answer it is possible to produce exceptionally good looking game assets using this method.. Check out (even better download it and play it).. There are plenty of games where sections of the content displayed on the screen could be happily populated using this method whilst still allowing for the artists to draw up the more "...

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SACD as a format has some AMAZING 5.1 and High-def 2 channel recordings available on it with more available all the time... If you have the high end gear to do it justice it's SO much better than CD..

In terms of providing upscaled CD output - that's just a great bonus for Playstation 3 owners, but it has nothing to do with SACD at all...

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But my 10 week old has decided she'd rather be fed, changed and cuddled rather than sleeping so I can check it out :-(

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This was already explained a few days back.. The debug / development kits supposedly have controllers whose PS button lights up red..

Get over it.. As Chexd said.. it'll be a sixaxis.. and it'll rumble..

It's just not that exciting!

(having said that, I'll pick one up for my PS3 when it comes out, but I'm not going to spend every waking moment looking for a video of it!)

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Another game I need :-)

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This is the same video that was released months ago. Unless there's some new effects or something in it that I can't see..??

99 Days old!

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Watch the Developer Walkthrough Video..

That is a next gen game.. Simply incredible..

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So I better turn my webserver and mail server off then because they're running 24/7 and they might get tired? CPU's are fixed silicon dude.. they don't get tired..

The only thing that might possibly bust is the fan as it's mechanical and has moving parts... So far I've had my EU PS3 on 24/7 since launch day and it hasn't missed a beat..

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Just wish I had a reciever that could handle the uncompressed PCM audio.. Even so, high bit-rate Dolby Digital was a damn sight more impressive than regular DVD's lower bit rate version. Casino Royale has some great room shacking subwoofer moments in it :-)

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"Firmware Version 1.60 also delivers a more convenient process for downloading content to the PS3 from the PLAYSTATION Store. Up to 6 pieces of content from the PlayStation store can be queued up for download while the user enjoys other functions of the PS3 system, including playing games, browsing the web, using media functions including photo browsing, video and music playback...

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This has to be a first.. a positive PS3 story on here and not one single 360 fanboy commenting that it doesn't look good or its boring or that there's a 360 game that's better...

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Did you even read the article.. ?

I was looking forward to the single player and was disappointed that they decided to go multi-player only. However after reading the full interview I'm pleased they've gone multi-player only.

Looking forward to getting into the possible beta they discuss :-)

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