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Mmmm this excites me, CryEngine 3 is arguably the best engine out there at the moment and with the talent available at valve this could be something special.

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LOOOOOL this is truly pathetic....are people honestly satisfied with this crap?? its embarrassing.

Why have 200 premium cars that look stunning then have 800+ cars that look like it doesn't belong in the same game lol??

It would be so much better if PD release the game with 400 - 500 premium cars then keep adding more and more after release. That way they get more time to complete the rest of the cars to a premium standard and we get a more complete game...

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Stop being an ignorant fanboy, I have GT5 and you'd have to be stupid to compare it to forza in terms of online features and comunity... GT5 simply sucks in that department.

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Your right I think BF3, MW3, Operation flashpoit and all those types of games should be banned, becuase its distasteful to all those people and countries who's ever fought or died in a war O_o

Come on dude your just being ignorant.

On the topic, DICE now that you've said it, you BETTER DO IT!!!

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I cant believe people are still trying to justify PES lol. This is one of many features that proves fifa is way beyond PES now.
Konami you should be ashamed!!!!

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Why dont you try watching the video again with your eyes open this time!!

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Until they make the online part of the game slightly interesting and update the all the STANDARD crap to PREMIUM in the game. GT5 will remain a huge disappointment for me. Is a little consistency too much to ask for???

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It should be, forza 3 is already great they just need to improve the graphics and maybe try to improve the physics even more.
At least we can guarantee that everything in the game will be PREMIUM quality lol unlike this standard BS in GT5 I mean wtf is that all about...all that time in development only to produce a few new cars and tracks and drag the rest from GT4!!!
And how can a bugatti veyron(the grestest car ever) only be standard lol, what a joke. Am I the only one ang...

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This brings back memories of playing a game called virtual sex on the PS1...good times.

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Battlefield a complete rip off of COD??? Wow I just don't know what to say to that..that comment is beyond outrageous lol.

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I cant imagine it being that different from the demo which i have tried, but we'll have to wait and see. Either way its gona consume a lot of my time when its finally released.

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Dont get me wrong GT5 looks great and i will be getting it day1 for sure, but im just saying PC sims like GTR, LFS, Rfactor etc are way ahead of GT5 when it comes to realism such as the physics and handling of the cars, any true sim racing fans who knows anything about cars will agree. GT5 has amazing graphics, it just falls short in other areas when compared to the other sims i mentioned.

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GT falls way behind when it comes to realism when compared to PC sims! and when your taking about SIMULATORS, what would you rather have..realism or nice graphics??

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The best pes game ever is still pes2006 on the PS2. Ever since then konami has turned the game into arcade trash!

Like the review said if you want realism then fifa is the way to go.

But i guess dumbass like you wudnt know what real football is.

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Konami has turned Pes into arcade trash, the last good pro evo game was pes2006 on the PS2.

While fifa has made big improvements in GAMEPLAY ever year konami has taken one step forwad and ten step backwards.

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Just look at the retarded comments above and you'll quickly realise there's no point in trying to have a sensible discussion in a GT5 article

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That was simply stunning, i cant believe people are saying killzone2 looks better LMAO...funny sh!t.

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There is multiplayer and it looks good too.

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Fifa will sell millions without fail each year. Football is just too popular around the world for it to not sell millions.

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