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Oh, now THAT is nice! I wonder if you can still swap the hard drives, though?

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You know, it's funny: I know this is a news "aggregate" site and all, but one moment the stories are how Sony is sunk no matter what they do, and the next minute it's about how people are choosing it over the 360. I ain't a fanboy anymore (I gave it up years ago for lent and I forgot to start-up again), but I have to say that I smirk at all the stories that come in that seem to contradict one another.

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Must be too late for Sony...yeah, RIGHT!!! That must be why the consoles are now flying off the shelves. Better late than never. The price cut was a good move.

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LOL! "Picard Facepalm" indeed!

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In all honesty, it's not a bad list at all. I was quite happy (and surprised) to hear that Lamborghini and Maserati have been added to the line-up. It would be nice to have Porsche in there as well, but RUF's are cool, too, although it is a little bit disappointing to see only the old RUF's in there. I would have really liked to have seen some cars like the CTR3 and the RT-12, not to mention the MC12 from Maserati (honestly, who doesn't want to drive that?), but overall it's a good list. (Wou...

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It'll be interesting to see what MS does. Toshiba has been a partner of theirs for a long time, so for them a Blu-ray drive from Toshiba is probably more palatable than one from Sony, "co-optition" be darned!

If MS was going ahead with the Xbox 720 (or whatever it is that they're going to call it when they finally get going on it), then I would have thought that an internal Blu-ray drive would have been the way to go. Now that it looks like MS isn't going to forge ahe...

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I was really hoping to hear that this one would be coming over to XBLA and PSN. Too bad. Perhaps if there's enough demand....

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Everyone knows that this is more of a marketing move than anything else. Activision still sells millions of copies of its software on PlayStation, and besides, they wanted another $100 price-cut, and glory be, look what's supposed to happen by either this summer or by Christmas at the very latest: another price cut of $100. Now what were the odds of that happening--with or without Activision's comments? Gee, we don't want to sell any additional millions of copies of Call of Duty or Guitar Her...

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Frankly, I want Chinatown Wars for Xbox 360/PS3/PC.

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Yeah, they said a LOOOONNNNNGGGG time ago that they were scrapping GT-HD in favour of moving forward with completing GT5. With all the hubbub over "who's the king of the driving sims" going on, it seems that it was the right decision to make, although I for one am disappointed that GT5 won't have the bikes in it from Tourist Trophy. The bikes were supposed to be a part of GT-HD; you can even see that when you go the launch page for There's a Ford GT and a bike ...

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I just looked at the story and rolled my eyes. How is that a supposed analyst, and therefore someone I would assume who knows something about what he/she is analyzing, can have absolutely no clue about it?

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Really, how does crap like this get approved? We're lucky if there are as many as two bonafide news stories per page. The rest is crap. Not to say that the 360 doesn't have reliability problems, but how about the fact that the 360's sales rate has literally exploded since the price cut. Does that sound like a console that's on the way out? Nuh-uh.

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Okay, it's my own damn fault for clicking on the link, but I had to see if this was something different from the last ten articles that have said something like this, and it isn't. Reading the comments on the Tech-Radar site only confirmed what I was thinking already: That this is some biased clown saying the same bunch of over-generalized crap as before.

Even just taking one point, "DVD is good enough," I can break it down this way: If you think that DVD is totally ...

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So, what they're telling me to please go and buy the PS3 edition of Street Fighter IV. Gotcha! Will do!

Once again, the logic (or complete lack thereof) of video game execs continues to astound me.

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Well, that's disappointing. Oh well, here's hoping that it plays as good as it looks.

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I just love reading (and seeing) things that make me happy. Now, the questions are, how long do we have to wait, and how much?

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Oooooooooooooo, NICE!!!!

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I'll start off by saying that I own both consoles (PS3 & 360), and while I don't buy into a lot of the fanboy arguments out there (including who's going to win this generation--I think their name's Nintendo), I have to say that this story is just ridiculous. Honestly, she really shouldn't be in journalism. That story had as much substance, integrity, and cold, hard facts as horse crap. Honestly!

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I was looking forward to it, but after playing it..."Meh. No thanks."

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Good, I'm glad this came up. It was one of my first concerns once they announced the new layout.

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