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@EeJLP One guy having one issue one time =/= widespread problems. I'm still using my launch model DS4 and its still working just fine. Not to forget you say you would have gone thru multiple controllers because of their supposed poor build. Maybe you're the problem.

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Interesting how you've conveniently separated yourself from "gamers". Get over yourself first, I swear your heads gonna explode like a pumpkin soon

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The article does mention some games including Fallout 4. So maybe you should have read it first?

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Was about to say the same thing.

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Took the words out of my mouth :D

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"So many people covering up Unreal Engine 4 failures."

-Who are these people who are covering up the engines failures? Interesting that yet again not one iota of evidence.

"Unless someone tells that UE4 is going to be better, faster. Unreal Engine 4 is not going to be better nor faster."

-It's going to be better,faster. I said it so now it IS going to be better, faster and accomplish way more than this poorly written, ...

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The author states many "Facts" and does not provide a single link to prove those "Facts".

@GreatnessWaits If this is your opinion (good lord) that's fine, but please don't state your opinion as fact.

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There could have been 10 FPS or 2 FPS on the Vita but that's immaterial. Killzone Mercenary is the best Killzone, second only to Killzone 2. Its a solid shooter and its one that actually shows what the Vita is capable of. Taking away from that is a disservice to a good game.

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If this game, exactly as it is currently, was made by anyone other than Kojima, I can see you singing a whole other tune.

Oh yeah and before you fall back on the whole Konami haters thing, nope I'm not.

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I've had my Vita for long enough to appreciate whats available and frankly I have more games for it than most other consoles I've owned in the past. However I'm not delusional to believe the vita is in fantastic shape. It's not. Its dead outside of Asia and Japan.

You can post links to games yet to release but if there's nothing in there to excite people who dont have a Vita those links do nothing for the Vita.

People like you and me know...

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Doesn't sound like a doom topic to me. It's more like a fact. The vita has been in death throes for a while now. Sony saying or not saying it doesn't matter.

If the only topics that show up are doom topics it should tell you something about the state of the Vita. There just aren't any recent success stories to publish. If there were we'd see them wouldn't we?

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No mate. CounterSpy is very good.

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Happy April 1st

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20% of Mumbai's population alone would be able to buy both the X1 and PS4 and still have room to spare to buy their own home outright. The difference is not many people here take gaming seriously like you or me; its still considered something for kids. Don't go by everything you see on TV or read on the internet.

BTW mumbai's population is around 12 Million.

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Vita has got to be the most under-appreciated handheld I've seen. Such a shame to see Sony not caring about it.

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Good review mate. I'm at Code 6 so far and I'm enjoying the game a lot. Also co-op is really good. All in all I really hope this game does well because it deserves it.

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Same here. That would be a blessing from Sony. Also a change to the UI would be much appreciated.

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Dude you're one to complain about no games.

You yourself have had the following Vita Games installed on YOUR vita:

Metal Gear Solid 3
Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack
WipEout 2048
Persona 4 Golden
Retro City Rampage
Batman: Arkham ...

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You have got to be kidding. This comment means one of 2 things.

a) you don't have a Vita
b) you're blind
c) don't know how to browse the PS Store

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I agree bro. My ps+ expired in 2012 when I stopped gaming for a while due to work. I renewed it earlier this year and every game I ever got from Plus, free or otherwise was there. Every Singe Game.

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