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All of you guys missed the point, I even said I'm very sure they did it ONLY because they wanted to be historically accurate. Stop defending this, we all know why they did it and who they want to pander, it's not out newfound respect for history.

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They sure as hell want to see if it is, time and time and time again.

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Feudal Japan DEI LGBTQ+ Samurai, sounds very accurate for the time period. Surely a decision made only with historical accuracy in mind.

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I agree, I love FFVII rebirth, but honestly, FFVII: Remake was I feel more focused, Rebirth is too open and too many things to do that at times takes you out of the story elements, add a few quests here and there, but no need (at least for me) to make it another Ubisoft open world game.

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I mean, if you want to play those games 2 to 3 years after, go ahead, I think Sony is counting on you buying the game regardless. Sell your $500 console that you already have to buy a $1k+ PC that maybe plays the game slightly better, if you already have the PC then good for you then.

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Dude, 100%, forgot Major Nelson and Aaron Greenberg, like what is the point for all these suits? They have more C-level executives than games released in a generation.

This is just so they can all pass along the hot potato one at a time and in between all of them can say a lot without actually saying anything, misinformation at its finest.

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First, F**** Forbes and their shill take, I hope the money cleared by now.

Second, Which big budget games I might ask? Microsoft has been in a rut for like a decade now, with no big publisher and developers puechases they would have not released anything in the last 5 years but the new Halo and Forza.

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This is Matt Booty inviting other developers to offer themselves to get in front of the fusillade.

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Tango did NOT deserve to be closed down, they have not released a single bad game, and I'm sure Arkhane failed just because they were both rushed and pressured into making a GaaS game they had no experience in doing and no support to get it completed out of the gate.

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All lies by the Green Bug, that just means that a lot of people fired bullets or whatever in the game, that's the key measurements they care to share.

Tango did NOT deserve to be closed down, they have not released a single bad game.

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It might have had a lower out of the gate sales than the first one, but kind of makes sense considering how front loaded I'm sure that one must have been, the anticipation was through the roof after many years and many teases of an actual remake.

This one will have long legs, I'm sure of it.

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Too much stuff!! 6/10

Ubisoft open world game filled with a million collectibles 9/10

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I'll use the someone else doing the other stick tip, I am NOT good at rhythm games neither, that is a PERFECT solution, will tell my wife for an assist, thank you!

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Insomniac released like 5 games in that time, I have a feeling this game was severely scaled down and probably restarted a couple of times, no way it takes this long to make a 4-to-5 hours linear game heavy on cutscenes

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FFVI is a timeless classic, surely one of the best games ever created.

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You won the Internet for the day my friend, LOLOLOL

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That one-two combo of Fallout 76 AND Starfield does not give me a lot of hope for the future.

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This is a small studio, surely the budget is very contained and the game has had a lot of exposure by Sony, unless it reviews terribly I think it will do at least well enough for us to see more of this developer.

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Yeah, that by itself does not say much, when you factor install base and also how much more prevalent digital is now versus 4 years ago we could start seeing actual trends

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I LOVED the remake, platinumed the game, so the fact that this looks to be better in every way has me VERY excited.

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