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“ Btw I give this game a 9.5/10. How do you feel about that?”

I can’t speak for OP, but personally I feel like you completely missed his valid point. You responded the way you did because you are enjoying the game in it current state. However you aren’t objectively looking at the game in its current state based on what was promised or what was in previous games. I’m guessing you gave it that review score after day 6 (max) based on the hon...

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Did you seriously create a new account 20 minutes ago just to troll this comment section?!

Nice comment history.

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Just to put it into perspective, this game was announced (game and Kickstarter campaign) in October 2012… with the money they’re making with it still being unfinished they have zero incentive to actually finish the game. Promise forever and hope the whales continue to pay using the “I already paid so much, I can’t stop now” mentality. It’s why slot machines are so popular world wide. Hard to quit when you’ve already invested so much.

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How did you make that jump in your head?

I just like going around calling out obvious trolls. If someone makes a brand new account and within 20 minutes they already have 10 comments that are all 4chan Internet speak bringing up talking points (like TLoU2) that don’t apply to anything but their echo chamber, how is that me owning stock in Sony?

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“Sony incels”
“Day one AAA”

2 more and we all get fanboy BINGO!

Keep up the good work troll! We can see your join date and comment history.

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For someone who join 17 minutes ago, you sure have a lot of negative trollish things to say about Sony. Good thing you aren’t “brainless” like the Sony fanboys you complain about.

How do you MS fanboys keep forgetting everyone can see your comment history and when you joined?!

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It does work. I’ve run it a few times on the Tokyo Freeway race. Make sure you have the correct Tomahawk, the correct tires, the correct tuning on each gear down to the last .000, the correct ballast, and the correct down tune.

And then hit triangle.

Also, you aren’t alone in thinking it doesn’t work. The r/granturismo sub on Reddit has a bunch of people having your issue and they’ve all been “talked” through it. You’ll figure it out sooner or later. ...

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Dude… are you mad that they changed everything for the better? You really like bringing up things that have been fixed already. I notice you aren’t giving this same type of critical detail to how MS is handling Halo infinite at the moment.

It was pretty annoying how Sony handled the launch of GT7, but they’ve fixed most of the issues already and have already added free content in the form of more races.

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The latest patch got you so much money if you already did a bunch of circuit races. After the update I had an extra $7million in my bank and I’ve barely touched the circuits

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The update that hit 2 days ago readjusted payouts and added races. You can now easily make around $2million an hour if you feel like running the same 600 class or 700 class races. They also added much larger payouts for doing circuit races that count retroactively so if you did them already, you get a ton of extra cash. There is absolutely zero reason for anyone to complain about the micro transactions in GT7 anymore because they are now completely pointless.

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Most likely not… however Sony did patent (a few years ago) a method of adding trophies to ps2 games based on where on the disc information was being read from (basically t detected when it was loading a new level which would trigger the trophy). I’m assuming they used that tech when they started selling ps2 games for PS4.

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How many new accounts have you made today? This has to be a record.

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Joined 43 minutes ago and only troll comments. I can’t wait to see the brand new account Sunbubu1 tomorrow trolling more Sony articles.

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Did you forget your other account already posted this comment in this comment section?

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Wow. You’re at least the second person to create a new account just to troll a Sony game.

I’m always so amazed that you trolls forget about comment history.

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Except with Meta you’re stuck under the Facebook umbrella.

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I grew up on Diablo 2. It was the perfect dungeon crawler.

Then Diablo 3 launched and somehow it felt like the team was trying to compete with what others had made since D2 instead of doing what made the series so great. It was like everything that made it fun was either removed or needed. It soured me so bad I couldn’t even play to the first boss fight and I didn’t even buy the D2 remaster that came out recently.

I have zero interest in anything relat...

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The Loch Ness monster has been in the Trial Mountain track hidden in the water since GT 4… this kind of thing isn’t new and doesn’t take away anything from the game.

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Ok dude… whatever helps you sleep better. Your bias is making you see what you want to see. Everyone here knows exactly the type of poster you are and it’s made even more obvious based on your knee jerk reactions here.

The users I call out for trolling are people who created accounts that day (or sometimes for that specific article) and it doesn’t matter which console they support.

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Do I really need to put “/s” for sarcasm, or did a little joke really touch a nerve?!

“Wait till E3” is a known MS phrase that people online laugh about, just like “riiiiiiiidge raaaaacer!” for Sony, or “it just works” for Bethesda,

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