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Resistance 2 looks better than Gears 2 after seeing this footage
KZ2 blows away Gears doubt there.

as for comparison there is nt any
Resistance 2 has 60 player online, Gears has 10.

ever wonder why the comment section looks empty?

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i agree with u dude. just see the comments sections
almost everyone is disappointed with the gameplay footage. looks just like the first one

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eDRAM makes up for 360's lack of bandwidth. It has just 25.6g/s vs 48.6 g/s on ps3

ever wonder why x360 never outputs at 1080p native?
it is because of slower ram

256mb XR alone>>>>> 1 gig GDDR3

oh wait x360 has just 512mb of slower GDDR3 ram

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256mb GDDR3

256mb XDR ram

However XDR is much better than GDDR3

in a sense 256mb XDR>>>>>> 1 gig GDDR3

but x360 has only 512mb so ps3's memory is also better

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thats definitely prerendered it seems

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I am sure it is a pre-rendered footage

thats impossible to do on next gen consoles except a very high end PC

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"A big announce is preparing For Final Fantasy VII and It's not the Schuelded of FINAL FANTASY VII : Advent Children Complete ! "

FF7 advent children is already been released for PSP

so definitely it is related to an FF7 PS3 remake


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ff13 and ff13 versus are both awesome games doubt there

ff12 had great story too . The gameplay was great too

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Hitachi already said that ps3 is compatible with both 100 gig and 400 gig Blu ray

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It is pretty much guaranteed that an FF7 ps3 remake is being done
stop with your nonsense talk here

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But EPIC news no doubt

good for PS3 owners

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Bioshock is the only game which is worth getting on x360 . but since u waited this long i suggest that u get the ps3 version

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This is CELL

This is XDR

hardcore ?? this is why x360 is the least selling console in US. No one buys it anymore not even hardcore

is x360 relevant in other parts...

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no one cares about these BS article

PS3 is still the most powerful processor...much more powerful than XENON

Cell is still 10x xenon. no doubt there. Xenon is never even benchmarked against QUAD setups cuz it is not even as powerful as dual core processors

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the same rubbish we are hearing lately

some people try so hard to undermine ps3's progress and success

@lazy one

stop spitting BS

UNCHARTED looks miless better than any x360 games

KZ2 looks way better than Gears/any x360 game

dont spit BS

x360 has same amount of RAM as PS3 but much slower

plus CELL is way more powerful than XENON

2x Blu-ray Drive (72Mbps(9MB/s))
Single Layer (2x CLV) - Constant Linear Velocity (Same speed across entire disk)
Double Layer - Couldn't find any data but no games have been released on a double layer yet.

Entire Blu-ray Disk is read at 9MB/s.

12x DVD-Rom Drive S...

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