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N4G users approve it, so you could have flagged it if you got to it before it got approved.

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Spirit Tracks was flawed in a few ways, so I have to disagree. The train travel that is mentioned in the article, and the horrendous flute controls made it the most tedious Zelda game ever, in my opinion.

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Yeah, they had a pretty big presence actually. They live streamed a lot of content throughout the event. I can see how it was easily missed due to everyone claiming Nintendo wouldn't be at E3.

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Glad to hear you're enjoying 3D World! I think the game is severely under-appreciated and it's nice to see someone else enjoy it as much as I did!

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Okami did get a sequel on the Nintendo DS called Okamiden.

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Every game on this list range from good to excellent, which makes ranking the series a difficult task.

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I do like Sunshine, it just didn't have much of an impact on me.

As for the NSMB games, they are definitely stale and I don't want to see another done in that style, but they are still solid platformers and I prefer the levels and power-ups over Sunshine.

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I thought about putting Yoshi's Island on the list, but decided to opt for just the core games starring Mario. I didn't make that clear in the piece, though.

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It's definitely one of the toughest series of games to rank. I would have had SMW in my top five had 3D World not been released. You could honestly rearrange my top six in any order as they are all so close in quality imo.

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As a huge fan of platformers, I strongly disagree. My gaming roots are in platformers and I'm glad the genre has finally made a comeback. Though, I will agree that it would be nice to see more creativity in the genre.

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Nah, I have confidence Shin'en will hit 60fps, though I was also expecting 1080p.

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Was hoping for 1080p on this one, though this game looks fantastic regardless.

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This is something I wasn't aware of, but it certainly speaks to the laziness of this game.

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Lazy is certainly a great word to describe this crap.

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Wholeheartedly agree. My Wii U has basically become a first-party, indie machine.

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Disagree. You wish you had a Wii U to play this game.

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I might check out The Letter, looks interesting and $2 won't break the bank.

As for why it takes articles like this so long to get approved, well, I have a few thoughts on that. 1) The website that's actually posting it. Mine, for example, is fairly unknown and doesn't receive the support that larger sites do. 2) The article approval system here is the shits. Articles that should fail get approved and legit articles get brushed under the rug only to lose momentum...

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The Samus outfit is cool but that Mario one is ultra cheesy.

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Don't want repeat stories appearing? Everyone should help filter out the crap that shouldn't be approved in the first place. N4G has gone way downhill since I started using it in late 2012.

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I like their games and all... but Renegade Kid should actually finish and release games before starting up another project. Their Kickstarter failure is a good example of how they lack focus.

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