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Who ever constructed this could of done a better job.

Why does that look like a PS2 game?

I'm sure ME2 will look better but they should of used better pictures for ME1. They look stretched out and blurry.

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If you look at it that way, they did really good. Doing those numbers with a small install base is pretty impressive.

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UE3 engine has brought us some ugly and uninspired looking games on consoles(besides Borderlands). Maybe it's just me, but games using the engine seem to have that distinctive look to them. And besides ME not being linear and in small corridors, there's never that much going on at once and it still suffers framerate issues.

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The gameplay looks boring and repetitive IMO. To be honest, I hardly see anyone that excited over this game on this site. I watched the PS3 gameplay video on GT and graphics weren't that good, so I can't imagine how bad it looks on 360 if they deducted .5 points away. Usually they don't bother to deduct points for something like this unless it takes away from the game.

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That mods love the hits. Who would of guessed. /s

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I only paid $30 for both of them(luckily for me it wasn't full price). That picture pretty much confirms the 360 version was incomplete and rushed. There really is no bashing this, it's the truth. It was hinted at that a character was missing in the 360 version when ToV first came out. But honestly, if it's a good game and it's loaded with this much content, I don't see the problem with buying it again. It's obvious you didn't enjoy this game as much and feel the need to pretend no else cares...

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Lets hope they don't make the same mistake twice now.

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I could care less if it got a 5/10, I'm still buying this game day one!

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I would like to try it out on PC. It would be nice if it came to consoles.

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PS3 version looks sharper and the colors are a lot better as well. I just don't remember the 360 version looking that bad.

Plus, besides the graphical enhancement, the additional content just blows the 360 version out of the water.

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And downloaded and played the Sigma 2 demo on PS3. Gameplay is the same, if not better, which is all that matters with a game like Ninja Gaiden. The first one didn't have a nearly as much blood to begin with and still ended up being a classic(IMO better than the 2). Blood isn't completely gone but it's drastically lowered. Still, the demo was enjoyable. It didn't take anything away for me. And while the extreme amount of blood was a cool addition in the 360 version, it really never the essenc...

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On the same page as you and I agree. I purchased the 360 version for $10 a couple months ago from Best Buy. Sigma looks a lot better and I'll be purchasing this game again.

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"One controller? I hope this PS3 bundle doesn't cost $400."

Lol, well, MS's bundles doesn't include Wi-Fi, Blu-ray, or free online, all of which is A LOT MORE then one controller. You weren't hoping their bundle wouldn't cost $400, now were you?

Now that's value. An extra controller and a game won't make up for that.

LOL @ jleack

"It's cheaper to buy the $300 Slim and Uncharted 2 and then find a deal for a HDD with...

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"They hate 360. Like Eternal Sonata, I expect Star Ocean 4 to appear on the PS3 next year with some extras. Same with Tales of Vesperia."

Who didn't see it coming?

I don't think the extras will be enough to make me purchase it. It certainly won't fix the corny game script and characters. Tales of Vesperia is ...

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The score is at the bottom of the list.

I don't think they're biased. It's not like they gave Haze or Lair a 9/10. And this year they gave inFamous an 8/10. So if what your saying is believed, you would of expected a 10/10 from them with inFamous but that isn't the case. Hell, they even gave R2 an 8/10.
The only PS3 exclusive games they...

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That looks horrible. The ones here in NA look much, much better.


I think it's perfect for NGS since it matches the artwork. Others look great as well.

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Why shouldn't anyone be excited to play it? It's everything this game was on 360 and more. It's actually using the space on blu-ray.

"tales of versperia was a mediocre game that's graphics were terrible compared to other RPGs built on the same hardware."

I like how it just turned into a mediocre game because it's coming to PS3 now. And all you can do to counter everything is say "excuses". You're pathetic. You create a new account and made your av...

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Even though that footage is off screen, it still looks absolutely amazing.

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The facial animations, the voice acting, and the body movements in Heavy Rain really brings the characters to life.

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