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C'mon timlot - with a comment like that it's like you're in a glass house throwing stones. QB seems to be a divisive game, but it looks like something that's really trying something interesting. Instead of donning the foil cap and talking about 'ponies'(sigh) why not outline what you think is good about the game to provide a counterpoint to the review. You never know - you may end convincing neutrals to give it a go.

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Suspicious?! Really? The only thing slightly suspicious is your post history. Why not post a valid 'concern' rather than the peculiar agenda that you seem to be peddling.

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Not all of it, but enough to justify my comment. (I try not to make unfounded assumptions) . There definitely seems to be an agenda.

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What do you get out of your peculiar and slightly immature comments. I appreciate that you've 'backed a horse' in the console race, but your entire history comes across as more than a little weird, seemingly demonstrating a need to slander Sony & anything associated with them at every opportunity. Insecure much?

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...rather than bandy around insults and derogatory terms, perhaps try contributing to the conversation by suggesting what this 'partnership' consisted of. It's so easy to be cynical when all we've got to go on is the twisty PR speak of company execs trying to pour oil on the water!

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Why even bother commenting on a game you haven't got on a console you don't own?

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We've yet to see how it may have hit/missed the mark with consumers, and negative opinions are largely based upon subjective reviews - some of which are way,way off the mark! This isn't a 10, but equally anything below a 5 is pure click bait.
From a personal point of view, I'm enjoying the game thoroughly (7/10). Wait until RAD/monthly figs in March to assess impact of sales.

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People's money is their own, as is their choice what to do with it. (Much like opinions really). The only stupid people are the sanctimonious twa*s who decide to judge everyone based on their own opinions, and that it's their role to tell everyone else what to think.
OT Driveclub is currently an excellent racer that is getting better and better. I'm sure ps+ edition will be here as soon as evolution are sure that the massive influx of online players won't crash the ne...

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Uh, yeah......they're definitely talking about the driving.

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Dear god! Please tell me that writing is your hobby, and you're not planning on clumsily and illiterately shambling through doing this 'professionally!'

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This site (craveonline) seems to be fast carving out a niche baiting fanboys and fanning the flames of confrontation purely for click bait. Hmmmm....

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Self-promotion through shameless manipulation is a travesty of a practice for any self-respecting journalist. You're playing to the lowest common denominator here...

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I see that you're so frustrated that youve given up on the English language.
Exactly why is there so much resentment for Sony in your posts?

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I've heard that being a blind fanboy makes you miss out on some really cool stuff, yeah?

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Aaand...there it is.
cloudVIIWarrior's love is showing.
Jesus dude, people can enjoy what they want without fanboy zealots gibbering around the boards.
Herd mentality indeed......ah, the irony.

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It's probably worth finding comments from users that were part of the beta before making fatuous comments.

Pretty positive, but by all means stick to whatever you want.

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Nope, his opinion is his own (However misguided or knee-jerk) but his use of the English language is appalling.

Evidently grammar isn't a requisite necessity for games journalism.

That upsets me.

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That misplaced excess hyperbole.

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@Enemy :
I think you mean Bought, not brought.

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The Order, Driveclub, Until Dawn, and Bloodborne don't really strike me as overly indieish.

*Bloodborne trailer was all gameplay.

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