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Oculus will be better purely because or potential higher frame rate

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how about the best gameplay/story of any ps4 game? or is that all ps4 owners seem to care about now

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PC 4k. nuff said

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yeah expect it to be down the whole day as usual

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I have to admit I never really had a problem with my old PS3, With my PS4 the speed goes up and down constantly. Highly annoying

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At least with steam you can download at your max broadband speed usually. PSN has been so slow since the 2.1 update

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LIfe is indeed strange, emm yes

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good answer

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My friends and family would never see me again.

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"How in the hell do you have Project Cars when it isn't even out yet?"

I have owned the early access since day 1.

"Hate to bust your bubble but I have Driveclub. Had it since day one. The only racer I've seen that even comes close to competing with Driveclub in gameplay, immersion, and graphics is Forza 5"

Really?? Forza 5? I had that game and it was the worst Forza game eve...

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Sony Fanboy Logic: Great graphics = Great Game.

I own both games, Driveclub has a lot of tricks to make the game look better than it actually is, also it lacks texture detail, suffers from aliasing issues and the big one no 60fps.
People are taking what a game looks like on youtube and making statements which are completely false. Believe me when I say project cars murders Driveclub in graphics (on PC at least) and gameplay.

Driveclub looks better...

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The best place to play on PlayStation in 2015!!...... as long as the servers work first

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It's these articles that really show how bias this site is towards Sony. Who cares if one out sold the other? I slightly prefer my ps4 but that don't mean I'm gonna kiss Sony's ass at everything they do. I'm too busy playing games to care about console sales.
Now watch the disagrees flow lol.

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Paige is by far the fittest one in wwe

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how about they stop talking about future games and fix their current one

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Why say it was ready to come today then when clearly it wasn't??. Stop getting people's hopes up, this is why i have decided never to pre-order a game again. I'm gonna wait to see how a game turns out after it has been released before I decide to buy from now on.

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Lets hope the games in 2015 are also less broken than games in 2014

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I'm waiting for the "USA! USA! USA!" comments. Would normally happen if this was a TV broadcast lol.

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