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If that's the case, then why not prove the Xbox version has a better CPU? Why not take advantage of that? The so called "parity clause" relates to making it even towards the Xbox - not the other way around. So if the game is "CPU based" why not show case the supposed better Xbox CPU?

Other developers have had no issue displaying higher resolution on the PS4, taking advantage of the PS4s better GPU. So why wouldn't Ubisoft do the same with this CPU...

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Maul? Really?

He had 15 mins of screen time, fought a middle-aged jedi and a padawan then was killed by said padawan because the jedi got angry.

Douku fought two jedi, one of which was anakin, beat both of them and stood toe to toe with yoda.

Palpatine orchestrated a civil war, took control of the galaxy, fought and beat yoda and order the extermination of the jedi.

Not sure how you classify "strength" but Maul wa...

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What's embarrassing is that you don't seem to know much about Naughty Dog, do you?

ALL Uncharted cinematics use in game assets and are in-engine. That's why it transitions well from cinematic to gameplay. I guarantee you that the part at the end of the trailer where he walks into the jungle is the start of a level.

Go back and look at the Uncharted 3 reveal, the one where Drake walks from the wreckage in the desert. That was actually a level in t...

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All Uncharted cinematics are in-engine and use in-game assets. That's why all the Uncharted games flow seamlessly between cinematic and gameplay.

So assuming that was a cinematic it's using in-game assets.

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How has Sony underestimated MS? And why is the fact Sony has been quiet a bad thing?

Sony came into this gen with a clear vision and has followed it through. While MS had a vision and decided that caving to public pressure rather than making people WANT their vision was more important.

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And? Gamers ask for a lot of things. Gamers wanted the Blu-ray drive replaced in the PS3 because it made the PS3 "Too expensive" and it "wasn't needed." Gamers succeeded in getting Sony to drop backwards compatibility and all the additional features the original PS3 had in order to lower the price. Gamers in some circles wanted Nintendo to drop the Gamepad.

However, if you're confident in what you have then you let quality games do the talking. MS&...

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Did Sony position Move as the central aspect of their new console? Did they make it integral to their next generation vision? No.

MS however, told us from day 1 that Kinect was key to where they wanted to go this gen.

The issue is that MS had a vision and instead of fighting for it and making the consumer understand why it's their vision and what it can do, they caved into the pressure based on nothing more than slow sales? That's the issue.

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Except the difference is that the PS3 didn't build it's identity around the card readers or the backwards compatibility. Blu-ray was the push and, despite the criticism to that effect (i.e. the claims that Sony was using the PS3 to "win" the HD movie format war) and the criticism that "blu-ray" and "hdmi" weren't needed, Sony never caved and took out the blu-ray drive. It stuck to it's vision and made the PS3 stand out.

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This is the GTA IV Ballad of Gay Tony and the Lost and Damned all over again. MS paid for the development of these DLC. Touted as exclusive. Then eventually they came to the PS3.

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You mean Titanfall that released at the beginning of march, bundled with the xbox (which had a price cut and still got outsold) and Infamous that went on sale the last week? Yeah, no wonder Titanfall sold more.

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No. People hound xbox exclusives that do less than 1080p and have fluctuating frame rates - sometimes topping out at 30fps.

People hound multiplats that show a clear differences in resolution and fps.

The one XbOne exclusive that's held a steady frame rate and/or maintained a 1080p resolution - Forza - shows a clear downgrade from it's E3 demo.

In those instances, people have asked why the compromises were ma...

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So..we shouldn't believe what we read? Does that include his tweet?

In all seriousness, I doubt anyone legitimately believed this was true. But instead of the non-answers MS has given or outright contradictions, how hard is it to say:

"There is no delay. The rumors of one are false. Period"

Instead we get glib responses when MS should be as on point and clear as possible.

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How many pre-orders did the Xbox 360 have? What's the allocation of pre-orders of the One to each store? 5 per store? 10?

Saying it has more pre-orders without the data is meaningless.

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I wonder if this game will get the same level of scrutiny that other multiplayer only titles received? Or will the blinders of ex-Infinity Ward propel this game above scrutiny?

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I see MS changing other things as well. Specifically, the single, Kinect included Xbox One bundle.

Assuming it's not needed now, since the internet connectivity and Kinect went hand and hand, I think MS will release two SKU's: The $499 Kinect included one and a $399, or less, Xbox One w/o Kinect.

Removing the internet focused DRM could theoretically allow MS to do that.

I expect these announcements are not over.

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For the gamer who is hoping for a beefier game experience, the Wii U will definitely deliver. It's mix of new tech and old classics that will hopefully bring the "hardcore" back to the Nintendo camp.

But it won't achieve the same universal success as the Wii. The Wii appealed to the "non-gamer." Young and old. People who've probably never bought a game console picked up a Wii. And the "once every 5 years console buyers" are the secret...

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Could be Leon Belmont (from the old canon's chronological first game 'Lament of Innocence'). Could be Hector from Curse of Darkness. Could be Alucard (most likely). Or could be a new iteration of Simon Belmont. There's no telling.

All I know is I will be picking it up. The first Lord of Shadow is still one of my favorite games

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Although I'm intrigued by the Wii U (primarily from a games stand point) I honestly don't think the Wii U will emulate the success of the Wii.

The vast majority of people who bought a Wii (and really the overall Wii demo itself) were those people who typically don't buy a console every new generation. They are also the type that don't care about the newest tech. For many, the Wii was their first console and will serve them well into the future.


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No where in this "article" does it show "Sony loses money." No figures, no numbers and speculation that because the PSN is down, Sony therefore must not be selling consoles. Classic.

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Let's see the Kratos comparison shots... oh..wait.

But seriously, looks good on both systems. Enjoying the game immensely.

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