Don't judge a person for their console choice, judge them by the games they play;)


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I think you meant to say "Dark Arisen".

I'm guessing you're an MTG player for naming "Dark Ascension"? :P

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They had Dishonored at #2... Don't get me wrong, it's a good game. But, #2 on a list of "Unforgettable Best RPG's for PC"? Jesus.

Okay, MAYBE if it was a list of RPG's from THIS generation. MAYBE.

But clearly, this list spans games as far back as 2000, so time obviously has no relevance. Absolutely horrid list.

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Think what you want about the guy, but he's not a bad person. A lot of people find him annoying, or his fan-base as rabid psycho-paths (their right to think so), but the guy has raised tons of money for charity and stuff like that. I'm not crazy about him myself, but it's seriously dumb when people hate on him and say he's a disgrace to gamers, when he really isn't. He makes millions of people laugh. I can't find what's so bad about that.

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It was the voice actor. He brought Vaas to life in a way no other video game villain has been done before.

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Play it on PC with Ultra settings. Sure there are some bland models here and there, but the environments and lighting are beautiful.

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@redwin, okay, what could possibly have made you think this game was ever on rails? Have you not seen any video of it being played ever?

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Also, the console versions of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. That game was easily the best of any of the Harry Potter games. In my opinion, yes, even over the Lego games.

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As long as Link remains the mute that he is, I really don't think anyone should have any problems with that.

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If only there was a debubble option for that reasoning...

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I think we'll see it sooner than you think, but it will have nothing to do with "the cloud". It will simply be in thanks to the advancement of technology. Technology evolves rapidly, especially after a break through, which there will surely be some in the near future.

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From Software doesn't ban people for playing their games early. When Dark Souls 1 launched, people who played it before it's release, From Software actually had overpowered black phantoms invade their worlds to mercilessly kill them.

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@badz, honestly, I don't even see any hype for Titanfall outside of gaming sites. Sure, on the internet, the game is hyped like all hell, but in real life, I haven't met a single person who's even heard of the game's existence. It's actually pretty odd.

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Wow, not even cool... -_-

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Oh, Ign. Why do I even bother with them these days...

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Not trying to hate, but what battle exactly is it winning?

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No name? -_- They already have another game out on the PS4; Blacklight Retribution. That game is quite popular, and for good reason. It was one of the games I played most on PC for a pretty good while.

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@ Summons, just throwing this how there, but the Bed of Chaos boss was very similar to Dragon God, as was the Gaping Dragon to the Fool's Idol.

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So agreed. The multiple personality disorder episode was amazing.

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I'm not fully disagreeing with you... I played it, and it is really fun. But it gets old. Fast. Playing through the entire campaign becomes a chore half way through, and the multiplayer becomes very tedious after a short while.

I think a sequel would have great potential, but to say that Ryse has been unfairly bashed, is a bit of a stretch.

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If an Uncharted game is announced, and if they actually show off gameplay, that would be pretty damn hard to top.

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