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At least list one remotely good game for 360.
Crackdown2, SCC(it is worse than fucking that piece of shit double agent, they released-why even call it splinter cell, if it is not,. call it a piece of shit or something)?

are you shittin me?
You could have wrote Alan Wake,(that would have been better)

You haven't seen a PS3 in your life or you are 12.

at least try people, or is 360 crowd really what Xusuyzus + said.

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enlighten me o mustache one,..

Have you been in any mmo betas recently? You know what state of WOW I've played like 6 or seven years ago? Shit could barely function.Or City of Heroes, you name it, I've probably tested it.
I am just playing Rift atm,.. I like DCUO waaaay better,.. because I am tired of this boring as mmorpg mechanics,.. they are not fun at all,.. might as well play progressquest,..just boring shit for me,.. and in wow I literally fall asleep so...

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yes but,.. in real life you cannot do 720 degrees in 0.12 sec,..

I mean, I am old school pc dog,..My rig is a beast of a machine,
but if it weren't for shooter, complex rpg's or strategy games,.. you cannot actually say mouse and keyboard has the upper hand,..There are tons of genres where gamepad is better suited and more comfortable for, then k&m,..

I know I will get 170 disagrees in a blink,..
I am just saying how I see it,.. ...

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I really don't know,.. to much great stuff,.. It will be like this last year,.. when one of my favorite franchises went to greatest hits before I was able to buy it,.. Sorry Ratchet, took more than a year lol

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Let stop this arguing this stuff people,.. It is getting stale,..
both consoles are good,.. but
we all know ps3 is better,..
lolololol :))))))

no seriously ,.. whatever floats your boat with games, or keeps you warm at winter,..

cannot help myself,..

But we really should not take this stuff so seriously, we all are gamers,.. We have more in common than many groups of people,..more cheerfulness and humor...

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Why do people look at this so narrowly,..Trough eyes of US) There are no rental services everywhere in the world,.. Somewhere games cost 3times more than in us with people with 10 times less purchasing power,..(and games cost way to much anyway)

I am not for piracy,.. but I certainly understand a part of it,..

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Great read,.. Shit is still way over-expensive ir-depth eye-toy,..

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No,.. but they took quite a risk with control scheme,..

Price point was and still is the biggest factor,..

I wonder how much it would sell at 350usd when launched, was about 3times cheaper as ps3 (with way bigger supply), and two times cheaper as 360,..

and it is still two times cheaper then ps3.

If anyone denies that price is the biggest and most determinating factor, when it comes to consumer purchasing will, at more or...

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great vid!!!

and the ending ,.. lololol,.. makes me want to watch porn right now,..

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God took different tastes into consideration,..
I personally am an ass man,.. so to me,..that is not relevant so much,.. I will play with them,.. but I get bored of titties rather quickly ,

just sayin,..

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kkhm,.. about core gameplay and raw fun gaming mechanics,..(once you ''level up'' enough)
I think Infamous is a top dog this gen,..they did so many things right in terms of pure gaming fun, every second,.. not many games achieve that,..Sucker Punch does it, Mario Galaxy team can do it,..Insomniac with Ratchet also,..

well DC Universe did amazing job at that to,.. lol

cannot wait

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holly shit,.. you write so much bro (this is internet),..

but you are right,..

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lololol ,.. ps3 has more shooters,..If you have a problem with dualshock in fps,.. you can get xbox type of shit for 30 bucks,..

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Dude,.. Game competes with Crysis engine2 easily,..

Crysis engine 3 will never even touch Killzone2,..

you are mad,..

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Really f* great games bdw,..I don't game much on my PC lately,.. might just bite on this hard,..

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that is a sad state of things,.. when you have to cheer for something, that could give you at least 14 really high budget AAA exclusives, with the cost of half a billion dollar marketing and brainwashing campaign this shit costs you,..

and you are paying for it one way or the other,..

You should have sold your 360 yesterday,.. just think about it,..

Fuck MS

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dogs were ok,.. but pidgins were definitely standard model, buy

could not find the image,.. this one is from prologue,.. but they are nearly identical horror,.. they have a bit more detailed textures in gt5,.. but model is the same

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I am glad for you Zachmo182. I personally gave my 360 to my young nephew long long time ago, so I would not know either.

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Si-Fly ,.. don't be mean,.. I know by his nick,..

But people here loose their bubbles for various reasons. I lost all mine in that kinect hype. Trying to warn people, what the device really is A way overpriced ir-depth eye-toy, that is only capable of doing eye-toy type of games. Holly shit did 360 community get upset,..

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lol at the title of the article,..

OF COURSE there will be monthly updates,.. we will be paying a monthly fee,..they will probably even expand there staff to ensure customer happiness,.. or drop-off would be imminent,..

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