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They essentially remade the entire map from the first game in the new engine. I could see them doing a remake for PC and next gen consoles and bundling them together.

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It's hilarious to see someone who clearly has no dog in the race talk like he understands what he's talking about. You are the same type of person who bitches about Nintendo refusing to go 3rd party and then defend this absolute garbage of a launcher. How is buying up exclusives and using a platform to sell their exclusives only to pull them off days before release helping a free market? Gog, Uplay, and Origin have existed for years and that's excluding and Discord. B...

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You do realize these sales account for PC, Xbox, and PS4 right? We have no idea how this would have done if Epic hadn't scooped it up.

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You're joking right? Please name one smash character whose game hasn't appreared on a Nintendo platform in the past. Such a stupid comment.

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Ubisoft releases almost all of their games on Steam with a prerequisite or downloading Uplay and launching it in the background. I would hardly consider Uplay a success if they have to use Steam or Epic Game Store to keep their PC market sales alive.

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It had way more hype and brand recognition by now. It also premiered at Microsoft's E3 conference and PC numbers have been increasing every year. This probably would have sold 3 times as well on steam if not more.

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As someone who used the store in the past its existence isn't the problem. It's just extremely convoluted.

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It'll probably be harder honestly. Granted it's not impossible to get into these games. My first Souls like game is Bloodborne which to me is the hardest out of all of them and the first few hours are a struggle but stick with it and you'll get some of the most satisfying and rewarding gameplay out there.

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Multiple Soulsborne veterans have said it's the hardest game they played out of all of them yet. Friendliest more than likely is not referring to the difficulty of this game. Probably the accessibility and story are more streamlined than before.

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Probably just bad optimization in all honesty. It runs horribly on some of the more powerful GPUs on PC as well. Game is a total mess.

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What is the point on hating on people for liking certain video games? Having different preferences is part of being human. Also ironic you'd call anyone a kid with how childish your comment is.

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Japanese games don't sell well on the Xbox generally. Why on earth would they do that? If Sega went under their IPs would probably be split. Like Nintendo would obviously go for Sonic and Sony for Yakuza.

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He is right. Hence this article's existence.

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Soldier 76's gay love interest from the past to summarize. They're just pandering trying to boost their player base if you ask me. Totally unnecessary.

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Why on earth would they do that? The Switch was the best selling console of 2018 and broke holiday records. 7 of the top 20 games in December were Nintendo games but they should sell out? Even if they did sell out don't pretend for a second you still wouldn't bash them left and right like you've been doing for years. Having all your bias must be exhausting.

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The years between Resident Evil 4 and now is what he's referring to.

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What are your specs? If you haven't yet tried the one shot demo on PC I recommend trying it to see how it'll run on your rig come Friday. If you have the option of playing it on PC I don't know why you'd ever pay more money to play it on PS4 if you have a decent setup.

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Performance wise I think it runs fantastically. I was pulling 120-140ish fps with a 1080ti in ultra @1440p resolution. I know this is not indicative of most pc gamers gpu's but it should make it obvious that it runs pretty well overall. Anyone with a 900 series or up should have no problem getting 60fps ultra at 1080p. Thankfully it doesn't run as poorly as Monster Hunter World.

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Playstation Master race? There's no such thing as a gaming master race. Just gamers.

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What even was the last highly reviewed Bethesda game cause nothing comes to mind. Fallout 76 got decimated so it's not like they just get a free pass.

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