Enjoying the PS4!!


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I don't use Wi-Fi on my house (only have 1 wireless modem to use sometimes with my smartphones) but for the sake of test i have the Wi-Fi on PS4 turned on for like 4 hours today and it worked fine. To me, is again an isolated issue happening with some folks, that is being blow out of proportions by the haters.

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Please god, let this rumor be real!!

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Really i'm "stupid", because you coming with personal insults it's not stupid, right?
And i mentioned PS killer, as a form of sarcasm, because i heard this reasoning from some Nintendo fanboys before the launch.
Now demonicale, have a nice day! oh and you too danny818!

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80.000 kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yeahh whe have a "true" PS killer right here.

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To think that fenomenal and detailed game with his full of life world and full of quests and discoveries is considered a 95 and a 720p Zelda game with lots of open and clean space with less quests is considered a 100. i have seen the 2 games and i can't understand where the guys take this perfection on zelda. They have not played Horizon honestly, moving Aloy around is seeing the beauty of the human body, she moves so perfectly, but link is like an anime uhhu.....

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Ok, let' see if i get it right...
Horizon Zero Dawn have side-quest that are for grinding or get better itens with parallel events that don't follow the main story but immerse the player on that world, and that is stupid. But...
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has various side quests to, where you get itens, weapons and food. And it's a brilliant and awesome game, 10 of 10 pure perfection.
Oh man c'mon!! Just shut up and accept that Sony/Guerrill...

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No. Next question...

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Oh fuck, forget what i say, i don't see the "Opinion Piece" and was thinking that it was Kimishima words.

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Fuc#### bulls***!!
Kimishima is the worst liar. He was nominated Nintendo chief because his background is financial expertise.
And now he came saying, Oh Switch sales don't matter, when in the last year he gave an interview saying that Nintendo will come back to Wii profit levels very soon.
This dude i will never respect like Yamauchi or Iwata, those two where great chiefs.

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Nintendo will have a great "reality shock" after Wii-U err i mean Switch being launched, just saying...

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Ugly as hell, just like that dock and the controller, but what most have shocked me was Nintendo copying the Sony share button, because i thought that Nintendo is the only one innovative never copying anyone, kkkkkkkkk

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Yes, this Nvidia Shield clone is just pathetic.

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Yeah, since a see it, it left me that impression.

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I don't believe in this resolutions, knowing now about the processor speeds and the transfer rates, it smells very fishy.

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And still the standard version will be played (and loved) much more.

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Loved it since the first time i see the images on the PS4, really a beautiful game, like FFXV it is day one for me.

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Yes it exposed the ignorance... from Nintendo. Now will they learn that mobile market is not like they think.

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I don't hate space shooters, i just hate COD. I'm loving Titanfall 2 and i just love and play until this day Killzonne Shadowfall and i miss the Resistance Series i just hope one day it came back.

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You are a waste of air, just shut up and never share your dumb thoughts again, thanks!

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I will not go for the Pro, the 4k TV's still are not very well developed and are very expansive, so i will keep my PS4.

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