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I already played through the game completely, going for a second round!

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I just switched from XSX to PS5. Oh well, time to have both then.

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I never understood the implementation of RGB leds for gaming products, it's dumb and ugly imo.

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I agree, game library is most important, but I personally love good and minimally designed electronics. The XSX might come across as a plain and simple dark box, but to me it's not as intrusive as the PS5 and looks great next to my TV.

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Glad some of you do like it. The weird asymmetrical, but most of all large, shape is what I dislike. I do like the black and white color combination with the blue led though, controller and all other accessories looks nice as well. It's just that huge big ugly thing I hope to see slimmed down a bit.

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Yes, finally. I really hope it'll be announced soon. The current model is a hideous monstrosity.

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I'd definitely get Gex!

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Damnnn totally forgot about this game, such a throwback. Definitely one of my most played games on the PS1 back in the day.

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@Asplundh jesus christ, how insecure could you be about some colors man, bit of a homophobe aren't ya?

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'Woke this, woke that', man you sound dumb.

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Phil Spencer needs to go. I don’t get why he has been in this position for so long.

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It's time for Phil Spencer to step up and make place for someone with a more progressive strategy. I've been thinking this for some time now.

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fkn dick move from Nintendo, and for all the people agreeing with this: if you buy a Switch, it's yours so IMO you should be able to do whatever the f*ck it is that you want. If installing a modchip is one of those things, why not? Paying to only use the software is such an anti-consumer policy. I'm against pirating games, which is the main reason most people want this, but there's also lots of homebrew stuff you can install which doesn't harm profits in any way

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Shut up, you sound like an idiot

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Really hope they've expanded the filter section. It's pretty lackluster in it's current form

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Yeah I feel like the big thing about the series, at least in my childhood, was the fact that there were Disney characters included. My girlfriend played this when she was younger, so I bought this for the PS4 out of sentiment and we tried to replay this, only to be bored after an hour already.

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I’ve never enjoyed these games, and actually don’t understand why they deserve all the hype

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You clearly haven't played or finished the game. Definitely worth trying.

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You keep telling people to not read your opinion if they don't like it. How would I know if I don't like it when you tell me not to read it? Doesn't sound very smart, but it's a small thing.

You're telling that things have changed regarding racism since the early days, and of course, in a sense it has. But racism is still very much a thing up until this day, and that cartoon should be a reminder of this fact, not an opportunity to accuse people of whinin...

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Sure whatever, Mr. PC master race. PS5 and XSX are more than capable enough to run RDR2 in 60 FPS. While a lot of game companies release patches/updates to enhance the experience on current gen consoles, Rockstar still remains a money grabbing pu**y a** b*tch and probably will release an updated version which you probably have to pay for.

Yes, PC's don't have these performance restrictions, good for you. Doesn't mean console players should be left out though.

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