The first beast is nigh


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Its an extended ending folks, to wrap up a mystery that I'm sure most missed in the beginning of the game, something I noticed when I first started playing.

has anyone wondered why or even noticed that keifer Sutherland plays the voice of both BigBoss and the voice of the bandaged patient who helps you escape the hospital???


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Sony, for the love of God, please acquire Hideo Kojima . Make him a part of the playstation team if he does do solo.

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Final fantasy 12

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Damnit, I have a strong feeling you ruined the game.
Somehow that's exactly what this game is.

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You're not so Sharp at all. Your one world government will come for sure, but you'll have no choice but to submit your will to the one world religion as well . I just pray I'm not here to live in it.

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With today's American media and culture being so sexually driven, most of this generation's parents are starting their parenthood in their early 20s, basically still being kids themselves. It's no wonder they would rather stick their kids in front of the tv, the parents are kids themselves who would still rather go out and have fun then to actually raise and teach another human being. Sad age we live in. I'm 24 years old, my parents had me when they were reaching their 40s and...

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Yes. This ^

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Which is why far cry is under the maybe. Quite honestly I had trouble fully enjoying one game when I baught 2 at The same time (uncharted3, dark souls). Shuffling between 3 ( dragon age, Littlebigplanet3, gta5 remastered) will be trouble lol.

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F*** this game, and it's parity, and Ubisoft. Too many games coming out this month to feel like I'm missing out for not buying this game.
Dragon age inquisition
Gta5 remastered
Far cry (maybe)
Are all around the corner, these alone should hold me off til bloodborn and the witcher3 release next year.

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I'm loving the lighting in this game, still holding off on this game , I am buying it, just not day 1.
Maybe day 6 or 7.
Or month 6 or 7 lol

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Thank you, I left the damned website the second I entered it.

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Whose really surprised though?

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If it were a game about the False Prophet Muhammad, there would be riots in the streets around the nations of the world.

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That is exactly what I thought, thinking that the ufc was a cross-gen game. Damn EA , there isn't much going on at all in the game, no open world map, no explosions or intense particle effects. There is no excuse for this game not being 1080p 60fps with photo realism graphics on both xboxone and ps4.

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To this day, I still find my self impressed when playing naughty dogs game on the ps3, I absolutely cannot wait for their ps4 games. ,

Oh and their character models look better then they do in the ufc game, it may just be me , but despite the 1080p resolution, the visuals look no better then the fight night games of last gen. EA could've done better I think

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Xbox360 is still limited to dvd9, so technically, any crossgen(360-one)game on the Xbox one is still somewhat not reaching it's full potential as a current-gen game.

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Let me guess, was the orc named something like "____ the crafty"
If so then same here buddy

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Japan japan

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Lol, first thing that came to mind

... Wait what was it at first?

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Was planning on getting it anyways. Wasn't able to finish the campaign nor try out the online when I had it for ps3. Will enjoy finishing it for ps4 in enhanced 1080p graphical glory.

I bought an expensive tv for a reason.

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