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all i got to say is when they add that stuff to the game
its never a honest approach to it
it there to pander and not really bring up anything worth saying

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so... its useless then?

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I do wonder.... about this
there going to be a lot of people that just going to hate on this
cuz he did not bow down to kojima and start sucking him off
on the other hand i do feel like this game might be a lot like RDR
in that if u r not into the game all the little stuff the game has might get really annoying

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honestly if half of what they said about Konami is True
working in any other game company would be better

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don't that site away give high score
to those type of games?

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that sad
the game is not exactly graphic heavy

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DAMN u Nintendo
why r the toads so damn cute

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got really annoying with the animation
the game away felt the need to make u move
a certain way i really dont get how they feel
this add to the gameplay

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that seem to be a theme with the Nintendo online
I was very disappointed to find that I needed a Member ship just
so i can play user created content even if i did not want to play
online with anyone

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i have one jack ass
my friend kept having to
replaces it every few months
i was away careful with it
and it still wear down
compare to my normal control
which is still fine so plz explain to me
what i am missing here

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is it going to be
a cheaply made pieces of shit

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he played bender
i would expect nothing
else from a question like that

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that what all u idiots get

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what no way
never saw that coming...

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yea how dare they
sell a mediocre
for $60 dollar

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fuck them they don't even play this type of game
yet they well bitch about it like they really care about
what happens to women

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