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You don't have internet? Just asking.

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So true, not necessarily just this game but I decide my games myself from what I've seen of them as opposed to someone else's perspective of their likes and dislikes of that game. I'm the one parting with my money, i'll decide damn it lol.

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I quite like what I've seen here. Creat looking characters, a solid story, an entertaining universe and have kept all of the starwars feel to the game. I'm quite excited fir it. I played Fallen Order which i thought I'd dabble in but was surprised by the game as a whole. Am yet to play Jedi Survivor but will but this newest trailer has me intrigued indeed.

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Sounds pretty cool as it's a free download for PSN this week.

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Could be something to do with the fact that alot of new games these days aren't new at all and are just remakes of older games?
There have been so many within the PS5 timeline so rar and, although I've played quite a few of them have been disappointed a little that with new hardware new games haven't been flowing as much as I would have liked.

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"Rise of Ronin shows off its many weapons "
I only saw the one weapon used throughout the video or did I miss something?

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Love it.
You made my evening.

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These are very impressive numbers indeed. Well done From software. Although I've put in many hours into this game, a casual gamer for sure, I'm yet to scratch the surface of the game still so I'm told by many a friend online & in life. Although I'd still pick Bloodborne over this game overall, this game is still fantastic. I personally love the fact it doesn't force you to progress at a certain pace and allows you to wonder & level up in the world at you're own...

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Better to have fewer, quality, MP games than oodles of par or sub-par level MP games that only get played short term, in my opinion.

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Hang on a minute, this article went up 36 mins ago. It's now the 2nd of February, the 3rd in an hours time here in AUS, abit too late for predictions seeing as it's been and gone.
I didn't read the article but it'd be funny they got the predictions wrong still hahahahahaha.

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Please don't tease 😫. I'm so hanging to play this but I just don't buy digital, especially not here in Australia where everything is inflated.

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Steel rising was a game I contemplated getting at one stage but got sidetracked with other stuff. To be a free/so you speak game this month is awesome news.

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Yes please. Put me down for a copy, price irrelevant too. Loved allow those games in the franchise :)

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I didn't know that. Thankyou.

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I wonder out of how many od the 1.1 mil ps5's sold how many are selling with & without disk drives? It'd give an indication as to where the market is heading with cloud gaming (interest wise) I would have thought?
Either way, some fantastic numbers for Sony.

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Could you not just pickup a cheap 2nd hand copy of the game and pay the upgrade?
The game, physical copy, is only $10 on marketplace.

And to the $50 thought, most new games now are more than this. For those who are new to the game thos price is pretty damn good I would think.
And... none of this even mentions that it's one of the best single player games out there on the market (still) to date.

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I think Cyberpunk is close in gameplay. Sure it's a futuristic setting but I find alot of similarities with the two games.

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For me the leap between PS2 & PS3 was the largest leap in evolution. I've always been a playstation user and never really had consoles before the playstation era (PS one). Although I used to play the Master System back in the day that jump from PS2 >PS3 really stands out for me.

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An impressive game. I've only just started the main campaign on ps5, not Phantom Liberty, and gotta say there's alot going on here. Sure, had a really rough launch but now, if you haven't already, is the time to jump in on this game.
The gunplay is satisfying, the story is in-depth, the graphics are top notch and by all accounts a really good game so far (14% in on main campaign).

Will most probably check out the expansion too after this with some im...

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