Play is playstation


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Long live gamepass!!!

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It just sjw being sjw but still hating anything that is black.

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This is just sony fandom jelly. If Sony did it suddenly it’s great. Stop being fanboys.

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What kind of fanboy nonsense is this. They earned it.

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I agree.

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Charge what you want…I’ll wait

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That is just a stupid comment.

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New games aren’t just as good. I can never explain it well but I’ll try. My analysis is there has not been a gameplay change in most genres to make any of them leap forward in a meaningful way. Gaming has seemed to peak. Like Spider-Man games aren’t really that different from the activison days. We say they have but not as much as we would like. COD is just copy paste. Halo crashed out. Uncharted 2 was the peak of the series and last of us isn’t much different gameplay wise. Yes we got bet...

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The price won’t allow that. The price drops and competition was real then but now it’s not the same because there are 3 different views on what to do to move forward.

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This is like a cnn article. A waste of fanboy bias opinion.

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Remakestation 5

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It’s not that good.

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Only if it’s not on PlayStation or Nintendo ip.

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You just got 1900 developers out there who can make more games.

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Sony will pay the consequences for their actions. All the fanboys will see.

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Fanboys will fanboy but the price hike is not justifiable z

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The assumption that it will be good is the problem. Ms can lose all they money they like.

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Words mean things. Sorry.

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Land vehicles are needed to explore planets.

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