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Yeah I use 360 pad most of the time.

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didn't know the ps3 version was missing RE5

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S-E make.....great trailers

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Did anyone else trash talk recently? When ever anyone trash talks it's blown out of proportion. Stop defending Sony just because others do it too.

Also, yesmynameissumo

Saying the truth can also be trash talking. If you say something bad about someone, even if it's true. It's trash talking.

Pff definition of trash talk
"Trash-talk is a form of boast or insult commonly heard in competitive situations&quo...

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Go F2P. OR go cheap to play

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Star wars 1313 was essentially Uncharted in Star wars though. The gameplay is so like it.

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What the ****?

I thought I liked sony but...woo

Edit--- And there goes my bubblke, anyhow, i like Sony's approach, while I didn't want to see Multiplats in their conference, especially since Ubi got into ****ing every conference besides EA...I like how they are trying to strengthen their relationship with Ubi./

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It's because parts of it looked scripted.

- The guy hiding in the corner with a bar for when you walked through the room?

- The guy with the shotgun turning into a cutscene

Look, it looked scripted and you can se where the doubt comes from if your not a Ps fanboy. It wasn't. ND are just that bad***.

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People don't like the way the Dante's design changed/ That's all.

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Read article? Does not seem to be.

I like these new Armor abilities too. Not nearly as hax as Reaches

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That actually keeps happening to me. My mind replaces watch dogs with LoU

Gamingtruth, HD that ****. Remember open world, now compare to GTA with that realism mod

Haha, also compare what happens when cars crash in this to GTA and uh, saints row.

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This is how I feel for this game and Versus XIII. I just don't care anymore. Need them now.

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The Author is right in ways, but wrong in other ways. The WiiU's things are controllers. The WiiU is going to utilize 2 screens when gaming. No not 2 separate displays, the gameplay will actually involve having two separate screens and 2 perspectives. This has alot of potential anyhow. It probably won't be fulfilled. The Vita and Ps3 will never do this, because making a game like this is just too risky imo. it requires you have a Vita and Ps3, no dev will make a game which brings two ...

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Tis fairly annoying, the keep coming out sayign what Features it supports and not what it can actually do. Ps3 supports 1080p. Does that mean it can run graphic intensive games @ 1080p. no. Nintendo just keep pushing out stuff like that. Without giving any 'Specs'

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Veronica was suppose to be RE3, but they held it back for new hardware. RE3 is surprisingly more of a side story.

Anyhow, i'd pick the Ps3 one if I had too. I already have everything from both the Ps3 and Xbox one though including Degeneration, besides Re6 of course

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Development hell I fear

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It's literally Uncharted in the Star wars universe.

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**** that I am impressed

It's simple, the Ai takes the environment and what you are currently doing into account before it acts(including your weapon). Not scripted at all.

The fact that I couldn't tell if it was scripted or not impresses me.

Edit---Ascalon. It just looks too good to not be scripted. ...

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Yeah, Nintendo and MS opened great then failed. Sony failed the worst in the middle(book ****) but had a great start and end. However I wish God of war was relaced by something we haven't seen in a while. Got alot of GOW this gen.

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